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Airbnb: Come sweeping changes in short-term real estate leases

Increase revenue and new forms of short-term tenancies control platforms Airbnb type…….

envisaged in the draft budget submitted to Parliament.

The relevant table of interventions to improve the budget balance for 2020 including the increase in revenue collectability of real estate, which for short-term leases are estimated at 60 million. euro.

Setting the framework for short-term leases will be made after the end of the current season and will be a total government proposal, according to the Tourism Ministry.

As said Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis, with a post on Twitter,

Δεν πρόκειται να υπάρξει κανένας αιφνιδιασμός για το θέμα των βραχυχρόνιων μισθώσεων.

Guide to the new regulatory framework should be transparency in trade, the protection of these user services, Ensuring competition in the tourism industry and the equitable distribution of the tax burden.

Δεν νοείται να έχουμε διαφοροποιήσεις μεταξύ διαφορετικών ειδών καταλυμάτων”.

Regarding bill being prepared for short-term hiring platforms, Tourism Minister in a recent interview, είχε επίσης τονίσει πως θα επανεξεταστεί η χρησιμότητα του τέλους διαμονής και όλες οι λύσεις είναι στο τραπέζι, ακόμα και η πλήρης κατάργησή του.

It is about, a position that was formulated by the political leadership of the Ministry at the first meeting with journalists, in which Mr.. Theocharis, had made that short-term leases are part of the tourism product, as they bring the 10% receipts, but there should be fair competition with hotel accommodations, όπως στο ζήτημα του τέλους διαμονής.

Ypenthymizeta, how for hotels and apartments, the end of the night, borne by customers of accommodation, place since 2018.

According to the capital, the data provided by the Independent Authority for Public Revenues, last year the money by the end of the budget hotels were twice.

More specifically, witnessed residence tax of 135 million. about euro, against budget 74 million.

The fee amounts to 4 per night per room in hotels 5 star, to 3 EUR hotels 4 star, in the 1,5 EUR hotels 3 stars and 0,50 EUR hotels 1 until 2 star and the rooms.

For business tourism, however,, the end of the stay is considered another tax on the competitiveness of the sector and in parallel is not contributory towards the improvement of public tourism infrastructure.

Therefore request the abolition or even the power only in the third quarter, whereby recorded the bulk guest.

For short-term leases, explain how They are going for a longer stay option in high demand and of the tourist market, but should be rules in the context of fair competition.

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