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Airbnb: Preparing new legislation on checks - 5 traps for homeowners

In the electronic evidence as property owners who receive rent from short-term leases. Kept in a high tax rate. In nippers increased evidence properties that katigorias.Eidiko regime for repair costs. They will be expelled from the platforms those who hide income……
Promoted tight control framework for those who have not declared their properties in the electronic register of the Independent Revenue Authority and continue to move in the gray economy zone
In stranglehold IRS will find the 2020 property owners who receive income from short-term leases Airbnb type.

According to reports, legislative interventions promoted in the tax and audit field for taxpayers who rent their properties through electronic platforms, which will be incorporated in the tax bill.

Behind the new settings, which will take effect from the beginning of 2020, extra tax traps lurking for homeowners having their properties platforms Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway.

Taxpayers are first will be required to obtain e-proofs for 30% of their income, and no relief is not provided for their income, which will be taxed from the first euro at rates up 45%.

Because those who receive income from property should collect electronic evidence;

Where there will be increases and reductions where the residence documents according to new objective;

What about those who have not declared their properties;

The five "traps"

According to "News Night" by the New Year the Airbnb property owners will be faced with a new tax and audit regime that includes

1)electronic receipts

Taxpayers who receive income from property will be required to cover 30% of their income with e-receipts and a maximum ceiling of 20.0000 euro. According to the article 7 tax bill, the limit of 30% it is limited to 20% where taxpayers have more than 60% of their income to pay income tax and ENFIA, the repayment of loans to banks and paying rent. Those who will fail to catch the target puts the Finance Ministry will be punished with penalty tax 22%, which will be imposed on the amount of evidence that missing. For example, taxpayer who receives income solely from the short-term lease of an apartment totaling 14.000 euro. The particular owner will have to display e-receipts amounting 4.200 per annum. Where will show less evidence, B.C. 3.000 euro, then you pay tax 264 euro (1.200 x 22%). Today taxpayers with incomes from property are under no obligation to show the IRS electronic trading operating. On the New Year it changes and you have to collect e-receipts to avoid paying additional tax. For those who receive income from other sources, such as salaries or pensions, electronic payments should correspond to the 30% of their total income

2) Tax on revenues up 45%

While the tax bill provides new tax scale with a minimum rate 9% for part of the income to 10.000 EUR and reduced by one percentage point the rate for incomes over 20.000 euro, there is no change in the taxation level of income properties. Taxpayers who receive income exclusively from rent will not see any relief in 2020. Rents received will be taxed from the first euro at rates ranging from 15% until 45%, while those with income over 12.000 Euro will be charged with a special solidarity levy 2,5% until 10%.

3) New presumption of residence

Based on objective values ​​established in June 2018, will calculate the 2020 Items for houses. In many areas increased zone prices will rise and the presumption. Note that the amounts of live evidence for homes increased by 40% for properties located in areas with strict price band above 2.800 Euro and up 4.999 euros per square meter and 70% for properties that are in areas with strict price band 5.000 Euros and over. consequently, on tax returns to be submitted in spring 2020 for income of 2019:

n in many areas the objective zone prices rose in June 2018 over the limit 2.800 per square meter of living evidence of housing to be taken into account in determining the taxable income will be increased by 40%,

n in many areas the objective prices rose above 5.000 per square meter of housing items will be increased by 21,43%.

In addition to the increases and reductions will be. Specifically:

in many areas the objective area prices fell below the threshold of 2.800 euros of residential living items will be reduced by 28,57%,
in many areas the objective prices fell below the threshold of 5.000 ευρώ ανά τετραγωνικό μέτρο τα τεκμήρια θα είναι μειωμένα κατά 23,5%.

4) Εκπτωση φόρου για δαπάνες επισκευής

Οι ιδιοκτήτες που θα προχωρήσουν στην επισκευή ή την ανακαίνιση των ακινήτων που ανεβάζουν στην πλατφόρμα της Airbnb ή σε κάποια άλλη πλατφόρμα θα κερδίζουν έκπτωση στον φόρο εισοδήματος. The 40% των εργασιών ανακαίνισης θα εκπίπτει από τις οφειλές φόρου εισοδήματος της επόμενης τετραετίας. Στο ύψος των δαπανών θα ισχύει όριο 48.000 euro, με το ανώτατο ποσό της έκπτωσης να ανέρχεται σε 19.200 euro. Το κίνητρο θα ισχύει για μία τριετία (from 1-1-2020 until 31-12-2022), αλλά όσοι το αξιοποιήσουν θα χάσουν τη γνωστή πάγια, αυτόματη και χωρίς δικαιολογητικά έκπτωση ποσοστού 5% από όλο το φορολογητέο εισόδημά τους εκ μισθωμάτων, έως και μία ολόκληρη επταετία, ήτοι μέχρι 31-12-2026.

5) Αποβολή από τις ηλεκτρονικές πλατφόρμες

Για όσους κρύβουν τα ακίνητά τους από το ηλεκτρονικό Μητρώο της ΑΑΔΕ εξετάζεται να αποβάλλονται από τις ηλεκτρονικές πλατφόρμες. Μία από τις ιδέες που βρίσκονται στο τραπέζι είναι όλα τα αδήλωτα ακίνητα, δηλαδή όσα δεν έχουν καταχωριστεί στο Μητρώο Ακινήτων Βραχυχρόνιας Μίσθωσης και δεν έχουν Αριθμό Μητρώου, deleted. Παράλληλα θα τρέχουν εκτεταμένες διασταυρώσεις για τα ακίνητα που έχουν ανεβάσει οι ιδιοκτήτες τους στις ηλεκτρονικές πλατφόρμες προκειμένου να διαπιστωθεί ποιοι τα έχουν δηλώσει, αλλά και εάν τυχόν παρέχουν και άλλες υπηρεσίες εκτός από διαμονή και κλινοσκεπάσματα (B.C. breakfast, ξεναγήσεις κ.λπ.) προκειμένου να υπαχθούν στο καθεστώς ΦΠΑ.

Read more in the printed edition of the newspaper "TA NEA Weekend"

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