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"Radiography" of the new Tax Bill that brings the government – What changes in Business, ENFIA and Tax Credits

Taxation: "Radiography" of the new bill that brings the government. The plan of gradual reduction ENFIA activated by the end of August with tax reduction 10% weighted average. All changes in the Tax Bill….

Sweeping changes in income taxation of households and businesses and the ENFIA, It brings the tax bill tabled by the government in parliament immediately after the policy statements.

According to what is said "News" the government provides planning, the tax bill will be voted on in the first 10 days of August.

Making a detailed "ray" that the new law is to come in a few days in the House, we present all changes:

For 120 doses:

1. rate reduction for natural – legal persons 3% (from 5%)
2. Reduction of monthly installment
3. Increasing doses for businesses
4. Freeze half the debt for some years

Reduction first tax rate:

1. In the 9% from 22% for incomes up 10.000 euro
2. increase tax free 1.000 EUR / per child
3. New progressive scale
4. Reduction of the maximum rate

For businesses:

1. Reduction in corporate tax 20% from 28%
2. reduction ENFIA 30% (2020-2021)
3. Suspension of VAT on construction activity (3 years)
4. Phasing solidarity levy and vocation fee
5. Reduction in VAT 11% and 22% (from 13% and 24%)

The Reduced ENFIA and ta year's Clearing

Taxpayers who are in possession of real estate will see at the end of August of this year's tax bill.

Until 30 August will be posted on the Taxisnet clearing ENFIA 2019.

... The love letter will be lighter 30% for having very little real estate to 60.000 euro and 10% weighted average for those with properties to 200.000 euro.

Property owners with real estate exceeds 200.000 Euros are not expecting anything as this year no reduction ENFIA not provided.

At the individual level one can not win over 100 EUR while the majority of estate smallholders benefit will be in the order interim 50-70 euro.

The ENFIA of 2019, which will be reduced by 265 million compared to the toll 2018, It will be repaid in five equal monthly installments, of which the first until the end of September and last until the end of January 2020.

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