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Changes the trading hours on Banks – The new hours for the public

After reaching the agreement between the bank and banks canceled scheduled for Wednesday 24 strike OTOE……

In its communication OTOE says that "the basic demands, accepted and satisfied, while they adjusted and other issues relating to basic needs of the workers'.

Under the agreement:

the trading hours reduced by 30 minutes per day from Monday to Thursday and shaped by 08.00 until 14.00 Monday to Friday.

So far it has not been known when it will come into force the new time.

also, as stated in the notice:

After 7 years reduction and fixation of the income of bank, because of the crisis mnimoniakis, OTOE successful start, the gradual restoration in the three years in the Single Payroll.

The collective representation in any company in the sector will have the right information and debate on the digitization plans of the respective Bank, Affected workers and for training workers need, in order to meet the new conditions of digital switchover.

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