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Backwards Municipal Fees and TAP for 5 years, those legalized arbitrary, semi

Who will retroactively pay municipal taxes for five years

Faced with yet another burden indeed great, property owners will come that legalized arbitrarily with semi and felt no change in area municipalities……

Backwards municipal taxes and TAP for five years will have to pay thousands of homeowners who legalized arbitrary, semi-open and not felt the change of area municipalities or have not stated the factual sq.m. property.

In the preliminary draft budget provided for an increase in revenues by OTA 145 million. euro, these intersections sq.m. for the correct calculation of fees, and by adjusting the objective values.

According to reports, the government plans for those who have moved to increase their property area payment arrears over the last five years and abolition of increases amounting to 50% of fees. These amounts will be adjusted in more than 50 doses.

The Independent Revenue Authority and local authorities are expected in the coming months to "run" extensive cross-checks in order to become a new proper measurement of property taxpayers surface and defined by precision taxes and fees associated with them.

Under Finance Ministry's plan will be intersections between the data declared by the owners of the E9 form, The OTA and Cadastre.

A first sampled showed, E9 in the square meters appear in many cases less than those stated for example in the Cadastre.

Furthermore, many discrepancies are identified after the legalization of arbitrary adjustments to previous years where the owners and went into semi-outdoor spaces and other spaces not made the corresponding adjustments to E9 and municipal archives.

"Forgot" that exhibit the actual square meters of their homes after the legalization of arbitrary and semi-open spaces.

The result: lower costs for homeowners in taxes and fees and loss of revenue for the government and local authorities.

So, the coming months will be extended diastaroseis and sad to look the 2020 with property owners be required to pay even retroactive taxes and fees that were spared during the last five years.

The calculation of charges will be based on the actual square meters of real estate.

The controls and crossings will result in extra revenue for the public funds 2020.

In the coming months designed an extensive grid intersections and verifications of data square meters and income in order to calculate properly a number of taxes and charges related to the area of ​​real estate.

Between them, the first and best ENFIA and tax electrified areas as does the electric charges and property.

As is clear from the revenue of local government budget rapporteur report 2020, after the purported financial interventions, expected to reach a surplus of 194 million. euro, increased by 145 million. euro, because revenue enhancement primarily of intersections and verifications of square meters of data for the correct calculation of fees (Housekeeping / electric, real estate / tax electrified sites), and by adjusting the objective values ​​of real estate.

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