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"Wind of the Virgin" – Elytis, good Assumption!!

"Wind of the Virgin", poem O. Elytis – "Wind of the All-Holy", poem’ Elytis. Why Mary is worshiped and honored as one Santa across the land……

One of the most famous, meaningful and prophetic poets of our time, with an international reputation, Nobel Prize, important for the world and translated into almost all languages, our greatest lyric Odysseas Elytis, love constantly reported and returns profusely in all collections of poetry in the pattern of Mary and Mary.

The poem of Odysseus Elytis, from the poetry collection "Orientations", section "The term of office of Summer", "Wind of the Virgin" and his performance in French «Vent de la Toute-Sainte», poem of 'Elytis

, "Wind of the Virgin" – Elytis, good Assumption!!The picture is “The Assumption”, The Dormition of the Virgin, before 1567 Church of the Assumption, Syros by El Greco

Elytis, "Wind of the Virgin"

In a palm sea tasted bitter gravel

Two o'clock in the morning Strolling around the desert in August

Did you see the moonlight walking with you

step missing. Or if his heart was not in place

It was the memory of the earth with the beautiful woman

The wish that lachtarise mes "from the bosom of the Royal

To blow the wind of the Virgin!


Hour of the night! And the north wind tears flooded

Once the heart to the tightening of land erigise

Naked under the constellations of the silent trees


Tasted bitter gravel at depths of dream

While clouds They solved the sails

And without anyone sinned 'by sin engraved

At first the bowels of the weather. You can even see

Before the initial fire beauty of sand

Where you played your oath and where you had a wish

Ekatofylli open to the wind of the Virgin!

(Odysseus Elytis, from the poetry collection "Orientations", section "The term of office of Summer")

, "Wind of the Virgin" – Elytis, good Assumption!!


Wind of All Holy

In a sea of ​​palm you tasted acrid gravel,
At two in the morning, Strolling through August wilderness
You saw the moonlight walk with you,
walking lost. Or, if the heart was not in his place,
There was the memory of the earth, with the beautiful woman,
The vow who desired that breast basil
The wind blows from the Most Holy.

Night time ! And the north wind brimming with tears
Once the heart has thrilled, the strengthening of the earth,
naked, under the constellations silent trees

You have tasted the gravel acres in the depths of dreams
At a time when the clouds have lifted the veils,
And no mea culpa was engraved
The time in its primitive guts. You can still see,
Before the first fire, the beauty of sand
Where you played your oath and where you had the blessing
The hundred petals in the wind of the Most Holy.

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