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Apaggio” Restaurant: bouzouki, cheer and dance, beside the sea 4 excellent artists…

on Tuesday 06/10 and Wednesdays 07/10 the evening (21.00).

Respect to our musical heritage, authentic performances and improvisations, selected songs, with Manolis grandparents, (old friend and great musician) and Costas Doumouliaka bouzouki and vocals, Antigoni Bouna, guitar and vocals and Jimmy Gini accordion, will offer a night to remember.

those you, Come to celebrate and just have fun with just, with superb music and nice sounds.

Σας περιμένουμε στοApaggio”!

The “ApaggioRestaurant ένα νέο εστιατόριο με υψηλά standards στη γεύση, the quality, the service and the environment.

Never: Third 06 and Wednesdays 07 October 2015

Where: “Apaggio” Restaurant
beach Ornos – Mykonos
Tel. 22890 24344
Fb: Apaggio Mykonos

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