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Envoy of the Parliament in Brussels Philip laden. “Strategies to promote gender”

Mainstreaming gender in interparliamentary programs discussed in the European program to support third countries' parliaments……

At a meeting on strategies to promote gender mainstreaming in the design and implementation of parliamentary cooperation programs, held Tuesday 15/10 in Brussels, attended by the Deputy of the New Republic,. Philip laden, as a representative of the Greek Parliament.

The meeting took place within the European Commission program «Interpares» to support parliaments of third countries in the areas of legislative, financial and administrative.

They were attended by members and officials of national parliaments in the European Union and Latin America, Experts from the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, representatives of women's organizations and institutions active in the field of gender equality bodies and civil society. Purpose of the meeting was to exchange views on best practices, strategies and tools, in order to provide more opportunities to strengthen the role of women in the political, social, economic and cultural level, through parliamentary development programs, particularly interparliamentary cooperation programs such as «Interpares».

Mr.. laden, the placement, He informed the participants about the current legislation in our country in strengthening women's citizenship. He also referred to modern methods and practices that could be implemented by parliaments in this area, and the effort to mainstream gender in the participation of the Greek Parliament in interparliamentary programs.

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