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Simplifying grant procedures 12 NSRF programs for SMEs

Twelve decrees to simplify Invitations equal number of the Operational Program "Competitiveness, Business, Innovation" (Restart) NSRF 2014-2020, corresponding to 2,1 billion. Euro co-financed public expenditure for small and medium enterprises in the country,……… signed by the State Secretary for Development & investment, K. Yannis Tsakiris.

With these decisions implemented a first, significant package all invitations have been issued to date (closed and open) aiming to speed up disbursements to businesses and to increase the absorption of the Program.

In detail:

*Reduced the required disbursement documents in just four for intermediate disbursements (eight in the case of sole proprietors and 10 EIA, EU, OE, IKE and other legal forms) and five for the final grant disbursement.

More specifically, only required:

O For the interim disbursements: tax / insurance clearance, CAR recent printing of business from TAXISnet, bank account and a signed copy of legal representative Statement, which replaces all other documents requested so far.

O For the final disbursement: as for intermediate, with only the additional certificate of good standing from the GEMI.

*Utilized the data of the Information System ERGANI on the issues of staff employed in the beneficiary companies. hereafter, instead of asking beneficiaries to pay them the presentation -in hardcopy- hundreds of individual labor employment documents, items will now computerized provided in cooperation with the competent services of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, as they are already mandatory recorded electronically in ERGANI system (interoperability with the Information System for State Aid, PSKE). With the implementation of this feature both saves hours of work for all parties involved and also enhanced the reliability and integrity of the data used.

*Simplify the arrangements and time resolution of most issues arising during the implementation of projects, as they can be solved with simple cooperation of the competent Management Authority (ESA Restart) and Intermediate Body (EFEPAE), without established and consulted several collective bodies.

The two players have experienced and qualified staff and can with simple document sharing to resolve any administrative requests of the beneficiary undertakings.

The constitution actions Monitoring Committees remains a possibility, if this is required, for special or weighty issues.

The simplification of procedures is a continuation of the work begun in the last seven months, with the close cooperation of the General Secretariat of Public Investment and NSRF and the Secretary General, K. Dimitri Skalkos, the competent Special Secretariat Program Management ERDF, CF & ESF and the Special Secretary, K. Dandolo victory, to accelerate the implementation of re-election and the efficient use of EU funds. Underlines that in this period were channeled into the real economy resources of over 650 million.

The Development and Investment Minister, K. Yannis Tsakiris said:

"With today's interventions is largely eliminated the delay time has been observed since the beginning of NSRF 2014-2020 especially in entrepreneurship, and generally to all critical for this economy Program, the absorbance of which, according to official figures (MIS NSRF), from 17,94% July 2019 stands at 32,48%, with the significant assistance of course of our services. Our effort is constant and the cycle of action does not stop here, but will end with similar intervention and speeding up the procedures applicable in the other stages, ie the formal completeness check, evaluation and integration of investment projects Restart ".

The Managing Secretary Programs ERDF, CF & ECB, K. Dandolo victory, in turn, highlighted:

"Today is an important step to speed up and simplify administrative NSRF procedures that allow us to attribute sooner valuable subsidies to recipients, especially in this post-crisis era. Starting from the implementation (payments, final disbursement) and then passing, in the first half of this 2020, the termination of long waits for business integration. It is obvious that the control requirements and standards of transparency can not be canceled at any point with the new amendments ".

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