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Frustration and inconvenience to travelers because of the 24 (Wednesday 03 July) strike PNO

Enormous problems on the movements of international and Greek travelers in our country and particularly in the Greek islands, amid the tourist season, created planned by the Panhellenic Maritime Federation, 24hour strike on Wednesday ship today, 3 July , ………paralyzing maritime transport across the country.

Tied at ports across the country, remain today (Wednesday 03 July) passenger ferries, because the 24-hour nationwide warning strike of Panhellenic Seamen's Federation (PNO), requesting the signing of collective labor agreements to the crews of ships for coastal shipping 2019 with increases.

"The Association of Passenger Shipping (SEEN), following delaying tactics, not only denies the substance to grant substantial increase in wages of seamen in the above Collective Labor Agreements, but artfully seeks essentially to break the unity of our Federation, leading the whole negotiation process, with exclusive fault, an impasse by making unrealistic proposals "said in a statement the PNO. requests, also, staffed the ships by the actual needs of running routes, while reports that document has already been notified to the competent departments of the Ministry of Shipping.

The strike began today in the morning 00:01 and will end on 24:00 at midnight.
"Our proposal to increase salaries of seafarers 2% backdated 1/1/2019, including increased personnel, surpasses our true potential in an extremely difficult period,"Said in a statement today the Association of Boat (Association of Passenger Shipping SEEN).

The cabotage operators said that there is already an increased cost in shipping fuels during 50% the last two years, and calls on the PNO to accept the proposals of SEEN and frustrate the advertised strike amid season. In today's 24 seafarers involved and the Panhellenic Union Crew Trailer & Life Saving (P.E.P.R.N.) Due to the strike PNO, The shipping companies have moved to the route modifications.

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