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Enjoy tonight phenomenon «Super Moon» – The moon comes closer (Video)

This is the phenomenon «Super Moon», performed 4-6 times per year, at times we New Moon or Full Moon.

Tonight's full moon will dawn on 19:25 exactly, will be 30% brighter than,usual and 16% higher as the planet earth will make the closest approach.


The spectacle will be explosive because tonight's full moon is associated with the moon hunter. This is because unlike other months, that the moon rises about 50 minutes later each day, the moon rises just in October 30 minutes later, explains National Geographic.

This offers more total light during a day, which auxiliary for traditional hunters. The best time to see it is now coming out early Sunday evening.

At the closest point, this weekend, the full moon will be 222.365 miles from Earth – average, They are 238.855 miles away.

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{youtube}https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = sWAN0FwfD5M{/youtube}

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