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safe Driving: What difficulties, what to look out for when driving in the rain!! Instructions to prevent any accident!!

Driving rain!! What to do and what not!! What are the difficulties, what to watch and how important is the condition of specific automotive systems. Mistakes when driving in the rain can easily lead to an accident……

Useful instructions and practical tips you need to follow old and new drivers, for winter!!

In order not to have any surprises when you drive your car in the rain, is important first of all to have introduced a series of necessary controls before starting.

Beware tires

See in what condition are the tires!! If not in good condition, then you are at high risk not only during braking, and a turn.

Control the thickness of the tread. All tires have wear indicators in 1.6 mm however this is the legal minimum thickness that must have each tire.

They would not reach the limit and seek an expert opinion.

If you are using for many years the same tires, then their tread will be harder and may have cracks in the outer surface.

Most likely your car easily slips on wet pieces of road, especially if the situation on the road is not good.

Most likely your car easily slips on wet pieces of road, especially if the situation on the road is not good.

Check the tire pressure, to conform to the value specified by the manufacturer of the car.

In winter when the temperature drops, the pressure is reduced in the tires and need to check regularly.

caution fs Wipers

Make sure to check condition of the wiper.

You have to clean windows without leaving marks and blur, so you have good visibility when driving in the rain.

Do not forget to fill liquid cleaner for windows in the canteen of the car.

Driving in the rain

Do not overestimate your abilities to drive these car.

Needed in each case increased attention when it rains.

Our speed is reduced and our movements to all controls may not be steep.

During high speed can be created the phenomenon of aquaplaning.

It happens when water can not keep kidnapped by the tread of the tire thus creating a water film between the road and the tire.

In this case you suddenly feel that the steering wheel in your hands is much lighter.

In this case, car danger of losing his course unchecked.

Avoid places where stagnant water or to reduce speed.

May be hiding a deep puddle.

Note also that the braking distance on wet roads increases, therefore you need to hold greater distances.

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