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Police operation to arrest, held on Mykonos to combat the spread of drugs

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arrested -3- people for possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking!! Seized over -1- kg of cannabis, cocaine, high accuracy weight scale, 3.280€ etc.……

Under specific operational activities of the General Regional Police Directorate of South Aegean in combating the proliferation of drugs, held yesterday (12 August 2019) targeted police operation in Mykonos in which two arrested nationals and an alien.

These three men aged 26, 27 and 33 years, against which criminal briefs this offense for possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking.

particularly, after data evaluation-organized materialized from Mykonos Police Department in cooperation with the Syrian police Security Department – Syros and Subdivision Prosecution of Crimes against Life and Property Directorate Attica Security police operation with the assistance of specially trained narcotics detection dog of Coast Guard-Greek Coastguard.

From research conducted at the residence of offenders, presence judge, They found among other things seized:

  • Cannabis raw weight 1 kilo and 17,1 grams
  • cocaine weight 17 grams
  • High accuracy weight scale
  • Notebook with handwritten notes
  • Mobile phone
  • The amount of 3.280 euro and 140 US dollar.

Those arrested will be brought to Mrs. Public Prosecutor Syros.

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