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“invisible” square: 5+1 SOS to avoid fines!! clarifications & new instructions!!

What area of ​​my property I have to say the Municipality; Will be declared the warehouse and the basement garage; What about land and buildings outside design; Properties which cut the power supply shall be considered non-electrified;……..

POMIDA welcomes its operation Platform KEDE for the declaration and write-off of any kind of debts to the local authorities from insufficient real estate areas, that was its proposal to the Government and KEDE rain and answering questions of both members and numerous stakeholders owners, explains the following:


*By clicking on the category "Electrified" square corrections are recorded for all electrified buildings that were declared incomplete square.

*By clicking on the category "Non electrified" corrections for:

      • surfaces buildings with "cut" power supply due to interruption (not due to debt)
      • Building surfaces that They never reported for their submission to municipal taxation
      • surfaces buildings, Completed or not, where They never electrified
      • Surfaces land not declared to the municipality imposing TAP.


The POMIDA recalls in particular the land owners within the project and within the village, and buildings owners off plan anywhere across the country, that the failure to submit TAP statement implies a fine twice the payable fee corresponding to property! Γι’ αυτό τους συνιστά να τα καταχωρήσουν στην πλατφόρμα με τα σωστά εμβαδά τους, even if they had once said, both to delete all the debt up 31.12.2019, and other municipalities can send them to me follows the annual payment of ARF without double fine.


The owners not entitled to register through the application of the reduction of the property area, only at the appropriate Municipality Revenue Service, if justified on the basis of their ownership titles and E9.


The correct statement does not automatically change the area of ​​the property in the file DEDDHE. Follow processing of the statement and adjustment of declared areas any reduction factors, the Revenue Service of the competent municipality, which in case of serious doubt may request documentation of data of declaration.


The POMIDA stresses absolutely necessary to communicate that regulation and the last owner of the country and the Greek Diaspora, and will not get tired of repeating that necessary condition for mass participation and success of the immediate shipment informative e-mails from the Principle of authorization to all property owners - VAT holders of our country and their accountants, for this setting and declarations platform!

5+1. BILL Ministry of Interior

In the treatment process by the relevant Parliamentary Committee is the bill of the Ministry of Interior, Article 22 which stress that the following applies:

    1. Extended the deadline submission of declarations non-current properties until 30.6.2020.
    1. The already confirmed debts are written off municipal taxes and ARF from different areas, not up 31.12.2019 but until the day of submitting their voluntary declaration the relevant Municipality.
    2. but excluded from the deletion the amounts ascertained or at the control of the municipality service, either because the request for certificate on property transfer.
    3. The amounts already paid to the Municipalities for the above reasons not returned.
    4. The deadline for declaration of undeclared areas is extended until 30.6.2020 only for those owners make arbitrary setting after 31.3.2020.

Amounts already paid to municipalities for the above reasons are not refundable. expect about 4 million. citizens to enter the platform (SS. of the total 7,5 million. the number of benefits).

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