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ATM Banking: Big ATM fraud at ATMs – What is Card Skimming, Card Trapping and Cash trapping!!

Caution!! Big fraud at ATMs!! The mistake you are not allowed to make!! The fraud: Authorities have been alerted as ATM scams increase to the detriment of unsuspecting consumers, with the Police making an announcement to warn!!…..

How cleverly they trap the machines of the banks and snatch your money!!

What mistake should you not make and what should you watch out for;

His method card skimming used by two men of Bulgarian origin to trap bank ATMs and steal the details and card codes of unsuspecting customers.

Specifically, the coil removed the cover of the ATM and replaced it with a similar one in which there were installed recording cameras and data storage cards that intercepted customer data.

In the second year, the perpetrators cloned the cards and made withdrawals, online shopping and money transfers to other accounts.

But the choice to trap the ATM of Tr. Piraeus in Nea Chalkidona did not prove to be correct, as the employees of the store carry out daily inspections and thus found traces of intervention outside the ATM.

Alongside, fraudulent trading addresses played an important role (Fraud) and security of Piraeus Bank, where in the first instance the suspicious activity was detected in the movements of the machine and in the second instance the placement of the improvised card interception system was ascertained.

A complaint was immediately made to the Police and a special unit of the New Philadelphia-Chalkidona Security Department ambushed the two perpetrators, arresting them on the spot..

A search of the homes of the two perpetrators revealed, among other things, an electronic card reader, electronic card reader and scanner, as well as a card of dimensions similar to those of bank cards with an electronic reader.

The perpetrators were taken to the Athens Prosecutor of First Instance and later to the Investigator, who decided to remand them in custody for criminal acts. A European arrest warrant is pending for one of the detainees from Interpol for similar cases abroad.

ATM: Tips for protecting your transactions

The Greek Police, in the context of preventing and deterring incidents of fraud during transactions through ATMs, informs citizens of the following:

The most common ways to deceive citizens through ATMs "ATM" are the following:

a) «Card Skimming»

In this case, the perpetrators place in the ATM. electronic homemade, which may steal the personal data contained in the banks' payment cards (card magnetic track data, secret PIN number).

The customer makes the transaction he desires, without any problem and leaves.

The perpetrators after they manage to obtain the data of the magnetic track of the bank cards and the secret number "PIN", copy the data to cards that contain magnetic tape and disburse money illegally from the accounts of the legal beneficiaries or make purchases of various products.

b) «Card Trapping»

In this case the perpetrators place in the slot of the card slot an additional mechanism or part of a thread or tape inside it.

The unsuspecting customer places his card in the slot of the ATM. and she is blocked.

Perpetrator, which is located near the ATM. manages to extract the secret number "PIN" either knowingly to the customer (eager to help him enter his PIN) or if his ignorance (by stealing the code while entering it).

Then the customer considering that the ATM. has a problem and has kept his card, leaves.

The perpetrators with the departure of the client issue the "blocked" card and knowing the "PIN", use it accordingly.

c) Cash trapping

In this case, the perpetrators use small metal plates-plugs, which place at the exit of ATM money., having first applied double-sided adhesive tape to the inside of the plates.

When the customers - users of ATMs. make a withdrawal transaction, the money is stuck on the cap and the transaction is apparently not completed.

The unsuspecting customer thinking that the transaction is not completed, leaves considering that the ATM. is damaged or has no money.

The perpetrators, who usually closely monitor the ATM. when the customer leaves they rush to it and remove the cap and the money that is stuck to the double sided tape.

In this context, The Hellenic Police recommends to the users of ATMs. The following:

Before starting the transaction carefully check your surroundings for suspicious movements.

Make sure the area is the A.T.M. there any accessories, whose presence is not justified.

If you find any suspicious object, lesions or scars in the host slot of the card, as warped frame, abrasions, additional accessories, holes etc.. avoid using this A.T.M. and notify the Bank immediately.

If the A.T.M. hold the card or encounter any problems during the transaction, contact only the bank that issued the card.

In case the cash withdrawal process the transaction has not been completed (B.C. the Α.Τ.Μ.. do not give you money), check the proof of the transaction. If you did not request a transaction receipt, re-insert the card in the ATM. and check your account balance or your latest account transactions.

Do not trust strangers who are willing to help you in handling A.T.M. or ask for the "PIN" of your card.

Should the machine show any damage, contact the bank phones only.

When you enter your PIN "protect" the keyboard, that no one around you can not understand the four-digit number.

After the completion of the withdrawal of money count money in tact and the sooner you.

Be careful not to be alone when using the ATM. during the night and not crowded areas.

If you are planning to withdraw a large amount of money from a bank branch it would be good to be accompanied by a second person.

If you use A.T.M. located in a special chamber, do not allow people who do not know to enter the space, during the transaction.

Do not leave your keys or valuables in your car while using an ATM. and do not leave your car engine on.

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