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Sea urchin!! What to do if you hit the sea urchin!!

particularly, They are living in the mud of the seabed or in places with algae or on rocks, a small depth.

Sea urchins, starfish and algae are some of the items that reveal how healthy is a marine ecosystem.

But urchin problem for bathers because if someone presses except that hurts and is difficult to remove the thorns.

The type of sea urchin that lives in Greek seas

call Paracentrotus lividus, and it is known "Greek purple sea urchin".

He lives in the Mediterranean Sea and the eastern Atlantic Ocean and its diameter reaches up 7 centimeters.

Pressing So urchin, the incident is not serious or worry. The pain of course is quite large.

The danger

It is possible to create an abscess where remain some thorns into the skin.

What to do if you press urchin

  • Clean the area with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, to avoid further infections. If you do not have clean the area with a little water (preferably hot because it helps remove thorns)
  • Apply oil, in skin spots that have entered the Agathaki. Use olive oil or baby oil or even oil sunscreen (The,what we have at hand, enough to be fat).
  • Wait a while until it softens the skin and then remove the thorns, with a tweezers, which have previously disinfected with alcohol or burning it with a lighter. It is advisable to have a magnifying glass to see.
  • Caution, there is the pin option, although it is better to avoid it except that injure the skin, it is possible to have the opposite effect. After the disinfected with alcohol, very carefully, the press and comes Agathaki.
  • If you do not have tweezers or pin, mechanically pressed in points with your fingers, to go out the thorns sea urchin. Carefully, the pull to remove them.
  • When finally finished this process must disinfect with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, to avoid infection.
  • Avoid pressing the leg as you can and cover the area with adhesive bandage.

Usually, the pain lasts about two days. If it does not go away, perhaps relieve you footbaths with cool water.

When to go to the doctor

If you notice even small black speckle that can not be removed, go to a doctor and do not expect to go out on their own.

If you notice any kind of reaction, such as the increase of heart rate, swelling or breathing problems, seek medical advice immediately.

Remember that if you have pressed many thorns you may have nausea, puke, numbness, tingling and weakness.

protection advice from sea urchins

If you wear plastic beach shoes, you should have no fear, even if you press urchin.

But if you press urchin, Try not to prefer shoes with hard bottom, because the pain can be more intense.

It is useful to avoid swimming

a) in muddy waters, as you can not see the bottom of the sea
b) next to rocks and
c) at night, because visibility is limited.

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