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Banking Services: Which transactions are not made within the banks!!

Greece may have taken some steps to remove the lockdown, however today no one rules out new measures. The transfer is done with an SMS code to 13033, while especially for banks some transactions are not done in the branches…..

No changes have been made on transactions accepted by banks inside the shops.

To go to a bank or ATM we have to send an SMS to 13033 the password 3, while for months there has been a brake on transactions at bank counters and on the payment of all kinds of bills.

So the bills are not paid to the banks and are now done through e-banking, as well as bank branch account updates.

They are made only at ATMs, withdrawals up to 400 euros and deposits up to 1.000 euro, as announced by the Hellenic Banking Association a long time ago.

The announcement of the Hellenic Banking Association specifically states:

"The Hellenic Banking Association, informs traders about the transactions that will not be able to be carried out in the bank branches from Tuesday, 4 August 2020 after the decision Δ1α / ΓΠ οικ. 48002/2020 for "application of the measure of compulsory use of non-medical mask in commercial service companies, office space and other gathering places for the public throughout the Territory, to limit the spread of the COVID-19 corona "

The alarming increase in Covid cases 19 July 2020 led to the legislative introduction of the compulsory use of non-medical masks by workers and consumers, as well as taking further restrictive measures. The member banks of EET, in their effort to achieve full implementation of the new measures (cf.. Δ1α / ΓΠ οικ. 48002/2020), with a view to safeguarding the health of bank employees and traders:

From Tuesday, 4 August 2020 and until there is a newer announcement, The following transactions will not take place in the bank branches with physical presence:

    • Cash withdrawals up to € 400. Withdrawal up to this amount will be made exclusively using the debit card, ATM.
    • Cash deposits up to € 1,000. Deposits up to this amount will be made at ATMs using a debit card.
    • The third bill payments (public, energy, water supply, telephony, cable TV, insurance, Others) are paid through internet / mobile banking or at ATMs. You will not be able to service these transactions using cash at the checkout.
    • Updating accounts (turnover and balance) effected via internet / mobile banking or ATM. Savings booklet updates will not be made to the Branch Network.

For your best service, use your bank debit card and the passwords in the electronic banking of your Cooperation Bank.

Please still, to limit your visits to bank branches.

If, however, it becomes necessary for you to come to a bank branch, please:

a) have a protective mask

b) keep safety distances ».

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