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Bill on rallies and protests: marches, Concentrations, Demonstrations!! The new business plan for dealing with Chrysochoidis-EL.AS

The new business plan of EL.AS for dealing with the rallies was presented by M.. Chrisochoïdis. Everything changes in the gatherings!! Police with cameras and mediator between ELAS and protesters……

THE Minister of Civil Protection, Michalis Chrysochoidis presented the plan of the Ministry that will be submitted to the Parliament and will concern the way in which the Police in demonstrations and concentrations.

"The 2021 the Police is changing season, will become EL.AS.. of the 21st Century… The Police is changing because the world has changed ", stated, among others, the Minister of Civil Protection, Michalis Chrysochoidis, during an online press conference, in which he announced the new business plan of EL.AS for the confrontation of the gatherings.

"Next month will be published the white paper of the police for internal security. There it will be clear our philosophy and vision for the police which should and deserves in our democracy. To make the vision a reality, two pillars need to be built.

Training and Headquarters

Education is changing fundamentally, very soon we will tele-meet for the bill to be tabled.

At the same time, the study for improvements in the structure and administration of the Police is being completed, starting from the Staff "said the Minister during the presentation of the plan of EL.AS.. and added: "We take our role in safeguarding the right of assembly very seriously.. We will exhaust the limits of leniency and the margins of conciliation. Why the right of expression, and of course anyone who protests shouts, is non-negotiable. This applies without asterisks and footnotes. Equally non-negotiable is the right of the city to operate. Protest and regularity are not illegal, Protesters and non-demonstrators are not enemies. We will do our best to ensure respect for diversity. The citizen's right to choose "


  • According to the law on gatherings, the goal is to combine three parameters, three supreme goods.
  • Each gathering is a balance of these three rights.
  • The center of gravity of this triangle, is the weighting, the combination that is different for each gathering
  • The police must adapt to this logic
  • Until recently, the emphasis was on companies in the field, less in prevention and even less in communication , in cooperation, in accountability.

Modus operandi

  • The need for a new business philosophy naturally arises, a new modus operandi.
  • Proportionality in the use of repressive means and leniency are the principles that must be strictly served
  • Therefore, operationally, the flexibility of the forces in the field must be increased and the intensity in the use of means must be reduced..
  • Flexibility, means readiness and multiplicity of forces. This allows for milder management thus reducing the intensity.

Risk assessment

  • As a natural consequence the burden falls on the preparation for the management of the assembly.
  • The most basic procedure that will be done systematically and thoroughly is the assessment of the risk of each gathering.
  • The two key factors that together lead to risk assessment are: Vulnerability (that is, the ability to intrude and create episodes) and special risks (serious disturbance of public order or security, etc.).
  • Finally every time, through specific procedures, as you will see in the text, the aggregation is assessed for risk and this assessment is documented.
  • Evaluation is the heart of the system. Based on the evaluation, the business plans are prepared.

Rally management cycle

  • We want everyone to know what the thinking and action cycle of the police is , Why he does everything,what he does at a rally.
  • The management cycle has 6 steps, arising from compliance with the requirements of the new law on assemblies.
  • At each gathering they are followed reverently and systematically.

Escalating media use

  • It becomes clear not just the intention but the decision of the police to manage the means of repression, if and when needed.
  • It looks embossed in the figure. The use of water or tear gas is the last resort, mainly with regard to tear gas.
  • It should be noted here that the use of tear gas in moderation may be the most appropriate measure to avoid injuring civilians and police officers., when there are violent conflicts.
  • What is clearly a commitment of the police now is the proportionate and as limited use as possible.
  • We have already seen it with ODOS. With few exceptions, this is the main front-line group in the management of regular meetings.


  • In every gathering our four steps are preparation, Communication, action and accountability.
  • Contact before, with the organizers.
  • Communication during or through a mediator, or for traffic regulations, or for repeated warnings, if there is a case of use of force.
  • Communication because business teams carry cameras. The Police do not hide and do not hide.
  • Report communication, accountability. By publishing a rally bulletin, which contains information about the gathering, such as mass, route, compliance with the law etc..

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