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Building and Construction License: Building permits in Mykonos and Santorini are suspended

Restrictions on off-plan construction and "bonus" for tourism. Assignment of land uses with KAD. What the New Urban Plan - Spatial Plan provides…..

The issuance of Building Permits is suspended in Mykonos and Santorini, for Tourist Accommodations located outside the settlements.

According to a regulation that will be included in the Bill for the Modernization of Spatial and Urban Planning Legislation - which is expected to be put to public consultation tomorrow - in the two most anarchically structured islands of the Aegean will freeze any construction activity related to tourism until the approval of local urban plans, that is, for a period of about one and a half years.

Target of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (RIS), According to what was stated today in a press conference, the minister and the deputy minister, Mr.. Kostis Hatzidakis and Dimitris Oikonomou, They are "Put a brake on the building activity of these saturated areas until clear rules come in".

Alongside, the political leadership referred to activation of fines, for those who neglect to declare their properties in the Land Registry, which are defined from 300 euro up 2.000 euro (depending on the value of the property) and will be increased according to the time delay.

New arrangements for off-plan construction

Generally, according to Mr.. Economou, off-plan building factors are limited by 10% (average) and 33% in the industry.

particularly, promoted:

- Increasing the perfection for tourism in 8 acres
- Reduction of building factors in all activities by 10% (Average)
- Prohibition of buildings on the ridges

Regarding the deviations of perfection in the off-plan construction, as said Mr.. Hatzidakis, until their final abolition will be valid only for the next two years, for reasons of avoiding surprises.

Within this period the owners must have obtained a building permit.

also, a percentage is set for each permit in an off-plan area 5% of its costs to be paid in favor of the Green Fund in order to deal with the side effects of the anarchist outside the construction plan.

However, according tanea.gr, the restriction of off-plan construction, combined with significant reinforcement of organized location, significantly increasing building factors.

So, building bonuses are given in organized locations (such as business parks or organized tourist receptions).

particularly, In order to enhance the attractiveness of organized forms of development, RIS promotes an increase in building factors by 25% (Average).

It also promotes - especially for the islands, but also for areas without high demand - the limitation of perfection in the Complex Tourist Accommodations, creating a new category of small-scale organized developments (minimum area 50 acres, from 150 today).

The same will apply to organized receptacles for industry or the supply chain.

What will be built out of plan

On construction in areas outside the city plan or settlements, the RIS proposal includes the following:

For residence

• Today: to 4 acres are built 200 sq.m. and after 4 acres can be built with a building factor 0,02 on the extra area.
• New proposal: 150 sq.m. + 1/16 of the area of ​​the property from 1.200 until the 2.000 sq.m., 1/20 until the 4.000 sq.m., 0,02 until the 8.000 sq.m., 0,01 beyond 8.000 sq.m.

For hotels

• Today: Building factors 0,2/ 0,15/ 0,10. For accommodation 5 and 4 star: 0,20 throughout the stadium.
• Proposal: 0,18/ 0,15/ 0,10. For accommodation 5 star: 0,20 and for 4 star: 0,18

For schools

The off-plan building factor is reduced by 0,3 today 0,27, for hospitals and clinics from 0,6 in 0,54, for bus stations in Athens and Thessaloniki from 0,9 in 0,8, for agricultural facilities from 0,9 in 0,8 and for industries from 0,9 in 0,8.

Settlements before him 1923 become pre 1981

also, with the regulations of the bill, an attempt is made to modernize the urban landscape in the pre- 1923 existing settlements in the country, as since then until today the real boundaries of the specific villages have changed. It is therefore proposed to change the reference year that characterizes them to 1981.

particularly, to determine the boundaries of its pre-existing settlements 1923 and have not been demarcated, as well as for those who are under 2.000 residents who are not demarcated but legally exist, the actual situation will be taken into account, and in particular existing buildings and roads, in the year 1981.

Connection of land uses with KAD

A National Nomenclature of Land Uses is established and by decision of the Minister of Environment and Energy the land uses that will be included in it will be corresponded with the Activity Code Numbers (CAR) and with the categories of environmental licensing. also, the issuance of a Presidential Decree is envisaged, which will simplify land uses (and general uses will be reduced mainly) while during the urban planning process it will be possible to define new special uses, not previously provided for.

Transfer Factor Building

For the activation of the Building Factor Transfer, the conditions for the location of the Factor Reception Zones are determined - based on the case law of the CoC. (ZYS), in order to transfer the building factor to organized areas. also, Arbitrary legalization through the transfer of a building factor is ruled out and the Digital Land Bank through which the relevant securities transactions will be made is determined once again.

Provisions for the removal of road expropriations

In the bill, included, among many other settings, and a special chapter for the removal of road expropriations. These are the expropriations imposed on real estate during the approval of the road plan in the urban planning process, to create communal and public spaces.

Nevertheless, for decades, Hundreds of thousands of property foreclosure cases dragged through the courts without result. The promoted provisions attempt to clarify the landscape by proposing that the road expropriation can be automatically lifted, without the need to issue a relevant certificate, if they have passed 15 years after the approval of the road plan, or 5 years after the ratification of the relevant implementing or actuarial act, or 18 months from the setting of the compensation price. In fact, the owner will be able to request a modification of the road plan, in order for his property to become buildable.

Road expropriation can be re-imposed only once while the process of payment of compensation is accelerated and simplified.

Electronically all new building permits

The new regulations provide for the issuance of all building permits digitally. They can be issued automatically after the electronic submission of the relevant file with the required supporting documents and the necessary studies.. Pre-approval for categories becomes mandatory 1 and 2 of building permits to ensure the legality of administrative acts.

Height changes and building withdrawals and building "bonus"

The new draft law provides incentives for impairment of existing buildings, for "withdrawal" of buildings and expropriation of floors. also, in buildings with high energy efficiency standards (energy class A +) an additional building factor of 5%.

also, An increase in coverage is envisaged to improve the quality of tourist accommodation (at a level higher than what is required on a case by case basis), exclusively for the creation of common semi-outdoor spaces on the additional coverage of the field, without increasing the number of beds.

For special buildings, height deviations are allowed for individual elements of the building, such as flues, the bell towers, the water towers, the silos as well as in the construction of more than one basement, not calculated on the surface resulting from the building factor.

By way of derogation, it is allowed to change the use of tourist accommodation buildings within the plan or within the settlement before it 1923 or the development in them of activities allowed by the existing land uses for the area, provided that:

- have been erected legally.
- have completed a duration longer than 20 years, from the date of issuance of the first operating license.
During the last seven years they have not been subject to the provisions of the development law.

The derogation does not include any arbitrary parts of the buildings that have been legalized for their original use.

For the issuance of a building permit for the change of use (granted after the opinion of the competent Council of Architecture) a fee for the reuse of the building equal to 4% of the objective value of the plot (is paid in favor of the relevant Local Authority. and is available for projects of regeneration and promotion of the natural and built environment within its administrative boundaries).

also, are given incentives to increase the accessibility of buildings for people with disabilities. The possibility of installing structures is provided, such as special ramps outside the road line, but also the addition of elevators to buildings, where there was no relevant provision in the original building permit. Yet, constructions that serve people with special needs (wide ladder, lifts) are not counted in the building factor.

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