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Bumble!! The startup created after a party in Mykonos!!

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of Angel Au-Yeung

Even for an afternoon business meeting, by Andrey Andreev, a leading businessman in the industry online dating worldwide,…..

dressed like going to clubs: black jeans, black Petsini jacket and the standard white t-Shirt signature Prada.

Έχω εκατοντάδες τέτοια, τη μεγαλύτερη συλλογή από λευκά t-shirts της Prada στον κόσμο”, confesses 45,.

Our interview -Second Easter in London- It includes a wide, long ride, favorite restaurants, coffee and tea places in Covent Garden and Bond Street.

Περνάμε κάτω από πάπιες Πεκίνου που κρέμονται στο εστιατόριοNovikov” και περιεργαζόμαστε τα 66.000 Burgundy wines Hedonism Wines.

Στο βραβευμένο με αστέρια MichelinHide”, Andreev makes me the nod to observe an oak wall.

Θέλω να σου δείξω κάτι”, says, και στρέφει το δάχτυλο προς ένα διακριτικά τοποθετημένο μάνταλο.

Ο τοίχος γίνεται πόρτα. Behind him are also other doors made of steel. These doors lead to a huge elevator, στο οποίο χωρούν άνετα δύο μεγάλα αυτοκίνητα”.

The Andreev enters the field. “You can, Well, To enter directly to your car off the street without being seen, you got it;”

The tendency of hiding extends beyond the choice of the restaurant or the preference to avoid the press, so the Russian billionaire (Forbes estimates that the property reaches $1,5 billion.) characterized by many mysterious and aloof.

Former company officials describe a complex corporate structure that revolves around tax avoidance and includes subsidiaries in many places, from Cyprus to British Virgin Islands and strategic meetings in Malta.

also, Several former employees Badoo talk about a London company 600 officials kept a toxic environment for women, taking into account the software upgrades that took the porn star names or the occurrence of a video that circulated internally and depicted an employee to accept the services of a prostitute.

The irony in all its glory!!

The biggest asset of the Andreev Badoo, a dating application that focuses on Europe and Latin America and 60 million users, It is one of the largest in the world.

But the most popular of the asset, is Bumble, ένα άλλο dating app που έχει στόχο να εμψυχώνει τις γυναίκες και να δημιουργεί ένα πιο ασφαλές περιβάλλον για εκείνες.

Κατάλαβα ότι έπρεπε να προσελκύσουμε γυναίκες στην πλατφόρμα, but how;” says Andreev.

Χρειαζόταν να δημιουργήσουμε ένα ασφαλές μέρος, ένα μέρος στο οποίο κάθε γυναίκα στον πλανήτη θα αισθανόταν πολύ άνετα”.

This was a very big challenge for Bumble

The Whitney Wolfe Herd began Bumble because he wanted to take revenge.

Previously sue Tinder, wherein employed as strain, for sexual harassment, claiming that the former boss and former companion send threatening and insulting messages, ενώ η εταιρεία τής αφαίρεσε τον τίτλο της συνιδρύτριας.

The Tinder denies everything. (The treatment resulted in hidden-settlement Express who estimated that reached 1 million. dollars).

Within three years, new dating app repeated the impressive growth of Tinder and developed into one of the strongest competitors.

but the Bumble” It is not exclusive creation of Wolfe Herd, which recognizes the Andeev as a founding partner of the application.

He was he who contacted Wolfe Herd shortly after lawsuit, suggesting to cooperate.

The two of them were in Mykonos, after a party, when he came to Andreev The idea to create an application-oriented woman!!

In the Bumble woman makes the first move), instead of the original proposal of Wolfe Herd on a social network.

And it was Andreev who exploited the advantages of Badoo, in the market to ensure a dynamic start of Bumble.

Δεν νομίζω ότι εκείνη την περίοδο μπορούσα να ανεχτώ ένα μάτσο άνδρες να με σχολιάζουν… θα μπορούσα να έχω απευθυνθεί σε συγγενείς και φίλους για να βρω τα χρήματα”, said Wolfe Heard in the Forbes 2017.

Το έκανα για τις γνώσεις που είχε και τις υποδομές”.

Can Bumble headquarters be located in Austin, Texas, however infrastructures, δηλαδή οκινητήραςτης εταιρείας, located in the London office, which house the product development units and mechanical -and a series of outrageous classes.

Recently Wolfe Herd shared weekly working program with the New York Times, σε ένα άρθρο με τίτλοΚαταπολεμώντας τον μισογυνισμό, μία Bumble τη φορά”.

However, according to former employees Badoo, The Bumble faces misogyny problem within one of the parent and the founding partner in which Wolfe Herd talking two to five times a day on the phone, Located right in the middle of this problem.

The Andreev began in Badoo 2006 London -a year before to go on sale iPhone- in order to win customers in Europe and beyond. (the course gained citizenship in UK. Kingdom and Malta).

beginning, ο Andreev έβαλε τις “roots” της εταιρικής δομής της Badoo σε πολλές offshore οντότητες.

In October 2007, founded the Worldwide Vision, as a parent, Bermuda, likely to reduce tax liabilities (The Andreev denies it and makes it clear that the company does not comment on its subsidiaries).

The Worldwide Vision and Andreev then founded over 10 US subsidiaries, the United Kingdom and Cyprus, the majority of which controls the four acquaintances applications: Badoo, Bumble, Chappy (a gay dating app launched in 2017) and Lumen (last year began operating for over 50).

In June introduced the Magic Lab, as a holding company for dating apps.

The Andreev said at the beginning that the board of Worldwide Vision meets in Malta, where the corporate tax rate can reach just in 5%, and then he said that they meet in Bermuda.

His explanation: Malta is the place where the company develops its intellectual property.

Μοιάζει μπερδεμένο, αλλά αυτό γίνεται επίτηδες”, reveals former senior executive of the company. “Η εταιρεία το κάνει για να αποφύγει φόρους”. The Andreev denies.

While the popularity of Badoo increased in Europe and Latin America in the early 2010, The US expansion was slower. The user base in Latin America was mainly.

Ο Andreev παραπονιόταν πως εμφανίζονταν πολλά σκουρόχρωμα πρόσωπα στην εφαρμογή –πίστευε ότι αυτό μείωνε την αξία του brand και το έκανε να μοιάζει φθηνό, says a former employee who worked in the advertising department.

O Andrey ξεκαθάριζε πάντα ότι το λευκό ήταν καλύτερο”, says the former senior. “Εάν κάποιος αργούσε να έρθει λίγο στο γραφείο και ήταν Λατίνος ή Αφρικανός, έκανε σχόλια όπωςΤι άλλο θα περίμενε κανείς από αυτόν;”.

The Andreev denies: “Η ποικιλομορφία βρίσκεται στον πυρήνα των brands και των αξιών μας”.

While many of the outrageous stories from the initial period of rapid development of the company, some incidents that occurred last year, show that there are still open issues.

According to two officials who recently left the company, The Andreev wanted to hire only young, attractive women for marketing and administrative positions.

Θυμάμαι ότι ήταν μια υποψήφια για μια θέση και ο Andrey είπε ‘Όχι, They are thick. The fancy talking to the press and is the face of Badoo;”, says former employee.

O Andreev denies this. Insists that it is not racist or sexist and that applications are increasingly joining and more people around the world.

Στηρίζουμε τις γυναίκες, different age groups, τις ομάδες με διαφορετικές σεξουαλικές προτιμήσεις”, says.

Έχουμε συλλέξει τόσο πολλά δεδομένα που έχει γίνει σαφές: It is no longer just a business. Είναι κοινωνική ευθύνη”.

The Andreev also wont to parrot the sayings of Bumble.

Not only has a majority share in the animation tool women, but it has integrated this tool into a thriving mini-empire that focuses on the woman and includes a networking application, a venture capital fund that supports the Serena Williams invests primarily in women founders, a line of skin care products and an initiative that provides grants to filmmakers.

The Forbes reported that revenue rose to almost Bumble 180 million. dollars 2018.


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