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Reverend Dorotheus II

Inauguration Sacred Chapel of family Matthew and St. Anthony St. Anthony Kousathana in ...

synefchomenou of parepidimountos Mykonos to in Elder Ordination of Archdeacon Alexiou, Metropolitan Zihni Mr..

Ordination to elders and Laying on of hands in Archimandrite. Alexiou in I. Monastery Tourliani ...

Disarchieratiki Mass and in its in Elder ordination Archdeacon Alexiou Papadopoulou, synierourgounton of Eminence

For student benefits from the Metropolis Syrian & Mykonos

bolus Student Allowances, height 150 € each, to Students and Students, who have permanent residence

Call in at Sr. ordination of Ierologiotatou Archdeacon Alexis Papadopoulos Mykonos

during the Liturgy, overriding the Panierrotatou Metropolitan Syrian and Mykonou K.K. Dorotheou B, the

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