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How to achieve soft octopus!!

The first way, although I do not recommend the, is to first boil the octopus in

Lenten salads: give flavor and color to Lent!!

A very good solution are the salads with imaginative food combinations that fill the body with

Secrets delicious octopus!! defrosting, Cleaning, boiling, roasting, delicious… maintenance!!

The protagonist of the Lenten cuisine creatively tucked in salads, go great with wine, ideally suited

Homemade fish roe salad with white fish roe!!

From test drives years I also reject those made with potato, because even when

What to look for buying meatless Lent

Good choice, transport of food needing refrigeration at home as quickly as possible, the

Octopus or Moschion with Pasta Butt [Step by step]

I like to add a twig, but only when it is fresh.

Pork streaky Mykonos moustomelo and orange (step by step)

  ingredients 1 pound pancetta Mykonos 2 tsp.

Nutritional plan for a special Thursday…..Tsiknopepmti

But since Wednesday and Friday are considered days of fasting, occupies a distinguished position known Tsiknopempti!

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