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Parents & Kids

Why train children as if they have just left brain hemisphere;

The left hemisphere of knowledge and reason and the right hemisphere of emotions, fantasy

Children of perfection!! Teach your child to lose. Μη ζητάς να το...

In the kindergarten kids are already wonders. Learn writing and reading the first two months.

Children do not learn from people who do not like (Video with Greek subtitles)

On this principle underlies the amazing speech teacher during which stresses

Parents, it is wrong to read your children!!

This phenomenon as the years pass tends to become more intense.

Back to school!! 7 Συμβουλές για ομαλή επιστροφή στα θρανία μετά το καλοκαίρι!!

either in kindergarten, either in primary, it is important for the child to have a smooth transition from

Children who go to daycare have more social skills

according to a new French study.

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