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Municipality of Mykonos "NEXT DAY"

Easter greetings from the municipal party "Mykonos next day"

The Light of the Resurrection, let's keep alive in us the OUR OWN Mykonos.

Give Water and Mind ...... Dancing Mayor rain

Dominant longer issue the lack of water.

The Gialantzi Halos of Kouka

WHAT forget to CPC OUR MAYOR 1) He forgot to tell us between meaningless known

Do not throw your garbage, ο δήμαρχος τα βλέπει ως διακόσμηση και όχι ως...

cleanliness and lighting, with disposal contractor earns 55.000 month 12 year round

The Pontikomikroulides of Mykonos Town Planning

Why else are not explained so many administrative negligence, actions omissions, the lies written by the mayor

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