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Athletics Mykonos FC

Diasyllogiko composite Pampaidon championship – Pagkorasidon Milos, 8 April

and undertook the organization of the Open Championships compound of Pampaidon - A Pagkorasidon(aged 14-15 years) where

1th the 29-year old Thanasis Pagounadis of AO. Mykonos in Taygetos challenge

The 29-year old Thanasis Pagounadis who this year competes with the colors of AOMykonou took part

Kallias – Petroulaki – Minos of AO. Run in Mykonos Greece Larissa

It became national in the second rough road before 20 days in Trikala, Freedom Petroulaki

Athletics Federation AO Mykonos and Cyclades are organizing the first cup jumping and Roll

This is the first cup jumping and Roll which addresses all , from 6 years

Half Marathon Athens, firsts for Kallias and Minos. Promising appearance Matziar

6nd Half Marathon Athens, organized by the Athletics Federation in cooperation with the Municipality of Athens, Region of Attica

Champions Greece Athletes of AO Mykonos. 2the very Petroulaki, 3ος ο Μαγγίνας στα...

left in the second position Panathinaikos y third the Olympic group, while still

With 11 athletes the AO Mykonos in the Greek bumpy road championship

Specifically men involved with Chris Kallias (3the winner last year in the same event) and George

With 7 athletes the AO Mykonos in the National Indoor Athletics Championship

specifically in 5000 walking steps will fight Alexander Papamihail, who will chase shooting of

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