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Athletics Mykonos FC

Individual records for Matthew Matziar

the record at 11 Matthew seconds in the last two weeks ran four races, the Struggle

4th in the national championship mountain road Thanasis Pagounadis

4th place with 1 time 18 seconds 11 cm at a distance 16,900 measures

4the Ioakimidou in the nationwide championship compound. 8the Armaou in the New

, the coach who works with AO Mykonos from 2015 gathered 4.905 degrees and lost

1Os -2os the Manginas and Callias the Panhellenic Championship Men , 2η η...

The two athletes escaped from the rest and ran together until the 8th kilometer where then

Towards a position in triplet Freedom Petroulaki

They will fight for the club Freedom Petroulaki.

In four fights athletes of AO Mykonos this weekend

Specifically in the national championship 10.000 measures carried out in Megara participating winner 2016

Big winner at 10km,of ” Καλλιθέα Runο Ματθαίος Ματζιάρ του Α.Ο.Μυκόνου

the distance of 10 km / Matthew won comfortably by hand 34.09 which is a large individual

Go to the World Championships Alexander Papamihail

with performance 1 time 22 minutes and 45 second caught the limit for world championship

At the international meeting is of walking Rio Mayor Portugal Alexander Papamihail

Alexander will fight international meeting is Rio Mayor in Portugal with 32 walkers

Diasyllogiko composite Pampaidon championship – Pagkorasidon Milos, 8 April

and undertook the organization of the Open Championships compound of Pampaidon - A Pagkorasidon(aged 14-15 years) where

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