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Athletics Mykonos FC

17th in the World Cup Papamihail of AO Mykonos

which is taking place in Rome this weekend.

O Alexander Papamihail of AO Mykonos in the World Cup in Rome

to 20 kilometers race walk at the World Cup race walk.

First Ioakimidou in the Open Championships Composites – To record the sixth Junior Armaou

Their first match at Open Championships was more a test for themselves and the coach

Firsts for Kallias and Minos of AO Mykonos Rhodes

Rhodes in ten and five km respectively.

Diasyllogikoi composite races in Mykonos

this Savvatokyriako.16-17 April 2016

The struggles of composite declared fourteen girls and six boys

17 April Maria Pardalou in Greece

He returns to Greece as completed preparation in America under the guidance of coach Ray Kuhles.

At an international meeting is walking Saturday Alexander Papamihail of AO Mykonos

Alexander Papamihail who will compete at the international meeting is the walking Saturday.

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