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Athletics Mykonos FC

With 5 Athletes participating in the National Children AO Mykonos

Analytically, the group consisting of the following: Vladimir Naoumenko, who will compete in the realm and

The Mykonian Calliope rings representing the Greek track in Brussels

organized by the European Federation of Athletics at the headquarters of the European Union.

The theme of the seminar

H incredible evolution Calliope Sykinioti

born in 1997,  He participated in the club's first games in 2009 and has since been participating in

eight Gold, six silver and a bronze medal for the athletes AO. Μυκόνου...

The track Mykonos starred once again and won nine gold, six silver and a

In Portugal for Alexander Papamihail limit

The mitingk Rio Mayor seen from the top in the world and therefore has been certified by

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