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Ergometer Test athletes of Soccer schools of AO Mykonos – Atromitos FC

Atromitos FC for the third consecutive year will be the island for making ergometric test

Go for the third consecutive victory in Syros K 16 του Α.Ο...

by referee Mr.. Grypari M., and assistants Messrs. Rousso and KALOGERI.

Thanasis ring Atromitos! Αναγνώριση και επιβράβευση του έργου στις Ακαδημίες του Α.Ο...

selected from the Athenian club and specifically by the Technical Director of PAE Atromitos Academies Toli

Renewed its collaboration with the Academies of AO Mykonos Makis Poulos

the name of the last year with the great successes of Academies and its interests

With one foot in the Fulltime K17 Makis Poulos

the triumphant 0-4 Syros towards AO.

Scientific speeches for Academies from OPAP team at Grypareio

parents and coaches at the academy 4 June at 17.00 pm Analytically
we are

PAE Atromitos thanks the management of AO Mykonos

Best Impressions returned from Mykonos sending attached groups K14 and K13 Atromitos

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