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Chalcidice: disclosure Pictures 6 dead, dozens wounded, incalculable disasters (Videos)

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Deadly storms in Halkidiki – Six dead, dozens injured

Biblical destruction by high winds – There were floods – six dead, a missing, dozens wounded, incalculable damage – Black day dawns for Greece…..

six dead, dozens wounded, uprooted trees, overturned cars, incalculable damage, streets turned into streams: this is yet tragic account of extreme weather events that hit last night the Chalcidice.

"The situation was tragic, This is evidenced by the events that passed the Health Center. It was an unprecedented situation for our region, we have not experienced before ", δήλωσε ο διευθυντής του Youth Health Center Moudania, Αθανάσιος Καλτσάς.

, Chalcidice: disclosure Pictures 6 dead, dozens wounded, incalculable disasters (Videos)"There were huge disasters, detached objects, They turned over cars, flooded our region, thus we have six dead and 55-60 wounded, from 8 months up 72 years, They passed by this Health Center ", explained Mr.. Kaltsas.

Some of the wounded returned to their base, After the first aid provided, others evacuated in hospital of Polygyros and hospitals of Thessaloniki with head injuries and fractures of arms and legs.

"We are on hold, because the night. At dawn I think we will have some more facts', predicted Mr.. Kaltsas, noting that the most serious injuries have some of the people who have suffered head injuries. The first incident came in Mudanya Health Center on the 21:50· most incidents involving tourists who spend their holidays in the region. The staff Mudanya Health Center located on foot, as the forces of Civil Protection.

, Chalcidice: disclosure Pictures 6 dead, dozens wounded, incalculable disasters (Videos)Ανήλικο αγόρι το έκτο θύμα

A minor boy became the sixth victim of deadly weather events that affected the previous hours Chalcidice. As confirmed by the Fire Department, it's about 8year old child from the Romania, who was in the tavern new Side which fell shelter, kataplakonontas regulars store. There also fatally wounded 54year-old woman, also from Romania, and so far, it has not been possible to confirm the fire if the two victims had affinity.

The extreme weather also killed in elderly couple from the Czech Republic, They are on holiday with motor home at Sozopol where the vehicle seems overturned by high winds. With them on holiday their son, injured and evacuated to hospital, καθώς και ο εγγονός τους -κατά πληροφορίες είναι 18 years- who is in good health but suffered shock.

Two more deaths were recorded in Nea Potidea, where tree crushed 39time Russian and his son, about two years, residing in a hotel unit area.

The same time, investigations conducted by the Coast Guard in the maritime area Kallikratia for 62chronou fisherman tracking. As it became known, He had gone to the wooden boat around 18.00 for fishing· since then he has not given signs of life.

Sources close to Fire Service and to Ambulances said dozens of cases which injured evacuated by ambulance or went to private vehicles in hospitals Halkidiki and Thessaloniki, where they admitted and hospitalized.

In a statement issued by the Fire Department shortly after 01.00, stated that until that time had been thirty rescues from houses and vehicles and hundreds of cutting trees, removals of objects from the roadway and pumping water from houses and shops.

The magnitude of the problems on the roads of the county is expected to be revealed in the daylight.

Several areas of the county plunged into darkness, εξέλιξη η οποία δυσχεραίνει την πρόσβαση των σωστικών μέσων στα σημεία που επλήγησαν από την κακοκαιρία.

According to information from the ITSO, because of bad weather fell two high voltage poles in the area of ​​the canal of Potidea, while there was damage to the high voltage power transmission line connecting the substation Moudanion the substation Kassandras. Repair of ITSO rushed to point secure the transmission line in order not to be any risk and isolate the fault, while working to repair the damage and restore power.

, Chalcidice: disclosure Pictures 6 dead, dozens wounded, incalculable disasters (Videos)Old fell from a balcony off the air

As reported in Open TV a man who lived in the disaster, his mother, which has servers in "smear" in Thessaloniki, He fell from the balcony of the severity of the tornado. "Everything was done within two or three minutes," said eyewitnesses, who experienced the fury of nature at first hand and did not understand what hit them.

, Chalcidice: disclosure Pictures 6 dead, dozens wounded, incalculable disasters (Videos)Emergency situation

In an emergency situation was declared the surrounding area Halkidiki because of the deadly storms.

The Prime Minister is in constant communication with the competent ministers, who inform on the evolution of extreme weather events and the efforts of rescuers. Mr.. Kyriakos Mitsotakis He instructed government echelon to go as soon as the area.

In Halkidiki the Citizen Protection Minister Michalis Chrisochoidis

O υπουργός Προστασίας του Πολίτη Μιχάλης Χρυσοχοΐδης μετέβη εσπευσμένα στη Χαλκιδική.

alongside Nick Chardalias, who is going to take Civil Protection, It is in constant communication with the Executive Secretary of the Region Central Macedonia Nikos Ioannou and the Director General of Civil Protection Mr.. Charalambos Stergiadis, in order to – more informal – coordination of services.

Currently there are more than 40 garages around the Halkidiki area which try to help citizens, as no information about trapped

, Chalcidice: disclosure Pictures 6 dead, dozens wounded, incalculable disasters (Videos)All volunteer groups in the prefecture, and the region's engineers have been notified have been activated to start the 05.30 the damage process of recording houses, but also public infrastructure.

While on foot is crews PPC λόγω των προβλημάτων στον ηλεκτροφωτισμό στις περιοχές που επλήγησαν περισσότερο.

Extraordinary government meeting in Thessalonica, with the participation of the Region, to assess the situation.

, Χαλκιδική: Εικόνες αποκάλυψης με 6 νεκρούς, δεκάδες τραυματίες, ανυπολόγιστες καταστροφές (Videos)

Mobilization of the regional authorities

OR Region of Central Macedonia επισήμανε σε ανακοίνωσή της ότι «η Διεύθυνση Πολιτικής Προστασίας προειδοποιεί τους πολίτες και επισκέπτες ειδικά στη Chalcidice, both Sithonia, and in Kassandra, that extreme weather events of the last hour will continue in the coming hours ", write down.

"That’ this constitutes a restriction on the movements of citizens, stay in safe areas and comply with the instructions of the Civil Defense staff, of fire, of police and officials of municipalities, until they subside apparently permanently ".

, Chalcidice: disclosure Pictures 6 dead, dozens wounded, incalculable disasters (Videos)Forty machines Directorate for Civil Protection clean the roads and try to keep it accessible to Pieria, the Imathia, the Thessalonica, but mainly in Chalcidice, which has been hit hardest, explains Region of Central Macedonia.

Moreover, more than 100 executives of the Region of Central Macedonia personnel assist the work of the Fire, Police and other authorities and try to limit the impact of the extremely severe weather, providing assistance to citizens in all affected areas.

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