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Excluding provisions for Aigialos in the Public Consultation 'Development' Bill

Without the provisions for the foreshore the 'development' bill

Without the provisions relating to the foreshore and beaches will be deposited in a "growth bill" of the government……

According to sources cited by the "Kathimerini" newspaper the relevant provisions on the development of entrepreneurship in the coastal zone caused tensions within the government, thereby evaluating the deliberate withdrawal.

Πρόκειται για διατάξεις που προέβλεπαν άρση της απαγόρευσης για την παραχώρηση της αποκλειστικής χρήσης αιγιαλού, beach, the old bank and riparian zone even for industrial or hotel facilities, but also for "relaxation" of the forecasts for the width of the beach.

The Maximos Mansion, judged that the relevant provisions needed further processing while as "Dangerous" reportedly featured Finance Minister.

During the same information and development minister, It was not entirely consistent with those.

Sources of Finance Ministry, reveal that Any predictions for the foreshore will eventually be included in a separate bill.

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