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Municipalities funding for stray pets including meditation, electronic tagging, register, sterilization, vaccination (GG)

Funding related to the operation of stray pet shelter and the implementation of their management actions for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021, and which issued Joint Ministerial Decision, published in Official Gazette ……

Παράλληλα έχει εκδοθεί πρόσκληση χρηματοδότησης για την κατασκευή καταφυγίων αδέσποτων ζώων ή για την αναβάθμιση ήδη υφιστάμενων χώρων μέσω του προγράμματος «ΦιλόΔημος ΙΙ», with an initial budget 20 million. euro, with the Interior Ministry's decision, η οποία υλοποιείται έως την 31η Δεκεμβρίου 2020.

According to the new decision of the Ministry of Rural Development of the stray pet management actions include meditation, electronic tagging, recording, the worming, sterilization, vaccination, the healing (including the treatment of leishmaniasis), feeding, adoption or reintegration, to ensure compliance with the provisions of law. 4039/2012 (A 15), as applicable.

Beneficiaries and Conditions

Potential beneficiaries of the funding are Municipalities and Municipalities Links, provided that:

  • The establishment and operation of the shelter or clinic comply with the provisions of law. 604/1977 and PD. 463/1978, as applicable.
  • The implementation of actions for the management of stray pets, It complies with the provisions of law. 4039/2012, as applicable.
  • The implementation of actions for the management of stray pets, accompanied by complete information of Digital Service Monitoring Stray Companion Animal Management of Municipalities.
  • The costs for which the entity requesting funding, already made and paid at the time of application.
  • The activities for which funding is given, non-commercial purposes and not included in other national or EU funding program.

amount of funding

Η χρηματοδότηση των φορέων ανέρχεται σε ποσοστό μέχρι 70% of the total eligible costs and make pay.

Special funding for the cost of feeding animals is up 50% expenditure made by them and pay the carriers for this purpose.

eligible costs

eligible costs, σύμφωνα με τη νέα ΚΥΑ αποτελούν οι:

  • Expenditure on improving existing shelter pets, regarding its equipment and mobile branches, and costs not related to construction that requires modification of planning permission, to ensure its conformity with the provisions of Law on habitats. 604/1977 (A 163) and PD. 463/1978 (A 96), as applicable.
  • Δαπάνες για τη βελτίωση ήδη υφιστάμενου δημοτικού ιατρείου μικρών ζώων, to implement energy management of stray pets, relating to the space equipment the clinic and mobile branches, and costs not related to construction that requires modification of planning permission.
  • Δαπάνες για ιατρικό εξοπλισμό δημοτικού ιατρείου μικρών ζώων για τη διενέργεια κτηνιατρικών πράξεων ή επεμβάσεων, under the management of stray pets.
  • Δαπάνες για την υλοποίηση των ενεργειών διαχείρισης των αδέσποτων ζώων συντροφιάς, under N. 4039/2012, as applicable, excluding those included in ineligible costs.
  • Expenditure on σίτιση των αδέσποτων ζώων συντροφιάς.

    Ineligible costs

    Μη επιλέξιμες δαπάνες αποτελούν οι:

    1. Costs associated with construction in existing municipal shelter or pet dispensary, which requires modification of planning permission.
    2. Costs for the purchase of software systems and generally electronic and telecommunications equipment.
    3. Expenditure for purchase of vehicles for the collection of stray pet.
    4. Expenditure on salaries of officials, including veterinarian performing veterinary operations or interventions, if the veterinarian is an employee of the Municipality.
    5. Expenses for remuneration of members of its committees par. 12 of the article 9 of Law. 4039/2012, as applicable.
    6. Costs for electricity consumption costs, water supply and telecommunications facilities of shelters and clinics, and fuel and toll of stray pet rescue vehicles.
    7. Expenditure on care services costs and cleaning of the premises of bodies, wherein accommodated or cared stray pets.
    8. Expenditure on maintenance, repair and insurance of vehicles used under the management of stray pets.
    9. Costs for events organization costs of operators, stationery and clothing.

    The Gazette with Conditions and Financing of Municipalities and Associations of Municipalities Process for operation of shelters Stray Animals Stray Pet Companion Animals

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