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Coronavirus Ag Rapid Tests: Delivery of rapid tests to the Health Center of Mykonos from the Region N.. Aegean

Coronavirus Antigen Rapid Test delivered at Mykonos Health Center, the Authorized Counselor of Cyclades Culture Stelios Brigos……

“At the Health Center of Mykonos where they were handed over to the President of D.E.. Ms. Dina Sampsouni from the South Aegean Region 300 COVID-19 rapid antigen detection test (rapid tests).

It is reminded that the Region had proceeded with a decision of the Regional Governor of South Aegean, George Chatzimarkou in the supply of rapid tests, 2 isobox isolation and reception chambers, of a state-of-the-art ventilator, of a PCR machine [molecular analyzer], for the strengthening of K.Y.. Mykonos.

The supply of antigen tests is part of the great effort of the Regional Authority, started from the beginning of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic health crisis, with initiatives for public health shielding “.

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