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Coronavirus Aviation Health Safety Protocol: These are the new flight regulations [Document]

Operational Guidelines for the management of air passengers and aviation personnel in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic
The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has released its own flight guide, at a time when many countries such as Greece are preparing for the full resumption of flights and tourism……..

Most European countries say they are ready to receive tourists after the gradual lifting of measures to restart the economy.. Since we are a breath away before the summer season, the tourism industry is preparing feverishly to operate smoothly and welcome the first tourists.

Among these countries is our country, which is preparing for the full resumption of flights and tourism. It is recalled that recently the International Air Transport Union (THERE IT IS) announced details on bio-safety during the resumption of flights amid the pandemic of the corona.

The need for flight safety also stems from the great interest abroad for travel to Greece.. It is recalled that the German airline Condor announced them 29 its summer destinations, half of which are in Greece.

EU's new flight regulations

The most important data coming from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) are the following:

Passengers should be aware of safety regulations, keep their distance 1,5 airport measure. It is recommended to use a mask on all passengers and people on board. Passengers need to know that the masks need to be changed afterwards 4 hours.

It is recalled that passengers must comply with personal protection measures, that is, to wash their hands often, to cover their face if they cough, or if they sneeze. In addition, they should limit the touch of surfaces at the airport and the aircraft.

For passengers who come in contact with passengers, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) recommends:

Wear a mask, gloves and their uniforms, which need to be changed daily. About those employees who perform physical examinations, they must wear face shields.

There are also audio / visual messages to passengers to comply with the measures. For those who do not comply, access to the airport and the cabin of the aircraft should be prohibited.. If the violation occurs during the flight, the protocol for disobedient passengers should be followed.

Before arriving at the airport

According to EASA, Airlines and airport operators must inform future passengers that if they have symptoms of coronavirus they will not be allowed to travel.. Coincidental passengers should be encouraged not to show up at the airport and to be able to cancel / change a ticket even 6 hours before the flight, with a doctor's document.

Flights by plane: This is the roadmap for safe air travel

The EASA guide includes detailed instructions for cleaning and disinfection:

Specifically, recommends paying attention to the points that most passengers reach. Ventilate the airport premises, proper use of air conditioners (so that the air is renewed) Others.

About thermometers at airports:

Check on passengers leaving immediately after entering the airport. Those who have a temperature higher than 38 Thermometry should be repeated. If the fever is confirmed then they should be taken to another ward, without violating privacy.

"Coronation test":

Passengers must provide a statement about the corona before check in. Airlines must inform passengers that they will have consequences if they make a false statement and that they will probably not be allowed to travel..

EU roadmap for tourism and border "unlocking" - How to make trips

Check-in and boarding:

Passengers should be encouraged to use self-check-in (SS. via mobile phone applications, etc.) and have fewer hand luggage to restrict movement inside the cabin.

Mandatory antiseptic at check-in point

Authorities must inform passengers that they must have a number of masks that will cover their entire journey. Otherwise, passengers should be given the opportunity to be given masks.

During the flight:

  • Aircraft cabins must be disinfected regularly
  • Avoid queues (in the toilets, etc.)
  • Do not sell Duty-Free products
  • EASA points out to airlines that enhanced HEPA filters have proven effective

Airlines (Airlines) they must give clear instructions:

  • for hand hygiene, mainly before eating or drinking / drinking and using the toilet
  • for proper use of masks
  • on how to cough / sneeze (on paper or on the elbow)
  • on how to avoid contact with the cabin surfaces of the aircraft and
  • for limited services (service) during the flight

EASA notes that if a passenger develops symptoms, he must ensure that he wears a mask and is replaced when wet.. The passenger must be isolated (B.C. leave at least two rows blank, be placed on the back of the aircraft, in place with window). Those who were close (at a distance of two places) close contacts should be considered and considered upon arrival in the country of arrival.

The entire EASA flight guide

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