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Coronavirus (Covid-19) advice: The decalogue of this summer in the pandemic of the new colonnade

The global health challenge - the colonist- who in such a short time managed to turn the rhythms and conditions of our lives is still here, E. emphasizes in APE-MPE. Root, MPH, MSc, PhD Epidemiologist-Hygienist, EDIP Hygiene Laboratory, Epidemiology and Medical Statistics Medical School EKPA………

"The social and professional life of the country has resumed and it will be clear from our responsibility if we are able to keep what we have gained in recent months.. If we will keep Greece high, example to be imitated all over the world. We celebrate security, not the risk.

We behave smartly and wisely. "We are protecting ourselves and our people," she said. Root, which gives the APE-MPE the Decalogue of summer summer holidays, as it says, to protect travel health, the accommodation, the food, the beach, the entertainment.

1. Open windows in the car, indoors, we limit the use of air conditioning as much as possible.

2. We wear a mask on public transport, We do NOT travel, if we feel unwell.

3. We choose quiet, not busy holiday destinations, we avoid large gatherings (party, bars, festivals Mrs.).

4. We keep sheets and towels as clean as possible in the rooms, we avoid daily change, we are absent from the room when it is cleaned by the cleaning staff.

5. We make healthy food choices (Mediterranean diet), we use napkins (not textile), we do not share towels or other marine items.

6. Throw what we used carefully INSIDE the trash (plastic cups, straws, glasses, packaging materials etc.). We do NOT leave them on the beach for the next one.

7. We avoid / reduce smoking, We do NOT throw cigarette butts on the sand / pebbles, we think of our neighbors, especially children.

8. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or clean with an antiseptic solution (we always have with us).

9. We avoid touching our face, we avoid hugs and kisses with acquaintances (unknown) and friends.

10. Cover nose and mouth with a tissue, we sneeze, we cough in the middle of our elbow.

Ms. Riza finally emphasizes that we do not forget to:

. We always keep the distance 1,5 meter less than those around us.

Μαστε Consult your doctor if you experience symptoms of malaise compatible with coronavirus infection, such as fever, cough, sore throat, we are limited, we drink plenty of fluids, we eat lightly and healthily.

"It remains a question of finding an effective cure. Vaccine difficult to predict "

The latest data on the effective treatment and vaccine for Covid-19 are reported to APE-MPE by the rector of EKPA Thanos Dimopoulos, noting that “finding effective specific antiviral therapy remains in demand, because in addition to Remdesivir in special cases of patients, the treatment is primarily supportive. Furthermore, The first results of a clinical study in which the steroid dexamethasone was administered to patients with Covid-19 were particularly encouraging.. Monoclonal antibodies are expected to be of particular benefit to patients with severe Covid-19 disease.. also, The first results from the administration of plasma to patients with Covid-19 are quite encouraging. ".

About finding a vaccine, Mr.. Dimopoulos stresses to APE-MPE that certain conditions are required that make it difficult to accurately predict when the vaccine will be available. These include::

– the vaccine's ability to produce an antibody response for a sufficient period of time (for example time period 3 months is not considered sufficient)

– the completion of the necessary checks, to ensure the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and,

-then the possibility of mass production on a large scale to meet the needs on a global scale.

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