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Coronavirus Disease: 150 new cases of infection - The 17 at the entrance gates, two new deaths

150 New confirmed cases of coronavirus cases, and two new deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours in our country, bringing the total cases to 7.222 and deaths 230, as he announced in writing on Monday 17 August 2020, the National Public Health Organization (PHEA) …….


Today we announce 150 new cases of the new virus in the country, of which 17 were found after checks at the country's entrance gates. The total number of cases is 7222, of which 55.2% concerns men.

1692 (23.4%) are considered travel-related from abroad and 3394 (47.0%) are related to an already known case.

23 Our fellow citizens are hospitalized intubated. Their middle age is 66 years. 7 (30.4%) They are women and the rest men. To 52.2% has an underlying disease or is elderly 70 years and older. 136 patients have left the ICU.

End, we have got 2 still recorded deaths and 230 deaths overall in the country. 81 (35.2%) women and other men. The middle age of our deceased fellow citizens was 77 years and 95.7% had an underlying disease and / or age 70 years and older.

According to EODY, the new cases of coronavirus are divided as follows:

  • 17 cases during the checks carried out at the entrance gates of the country,
  • 8 imported cases that came voluntarily for testing,
  • 46 cases in P.E.. Attica , of which 14 associated with recent travel within the country,
  • 30 cases in P.E.. Thessaloniki, of which 7 associated with recent travel within the country,
  • 2 cases in P.E.. Aitoloakarnania
  • 3 cases in P.E.. Arcadia,
  • 3 cases in P.E.. Achaia,
  • 1 case in the Prefecture of Viotia,
  • 1 case in P.E.. Dodecanese,
  • 1 case in P.E.. Evia,
  • 3 cases in P.E.. Of Ilia,
  • 5 cases in P.E.. Imathia, of which 1 associated with travel within the country,
  • 3 cases in P.E.. Heraklion ,
  • 1 case in P.E.. Karditsa,
  • 1 case in P.E.. Corfu,
  • 1 case in P.E.. Kilkis,
  • 1 case in P.E.. Kozani,
  • 1 case in P.E.. Cyclades,
  • 7 cases in Larissa,
  • 1 case in P.E.. Lesbos,
  • 1 case in P.E.. Messinia,
  • 1 case in P.E.. Pella,
  • 2 cases in P.E.. Of Rethymno,
  • 1 case in P.E.. Serres,
  • 2 cases in P.E.. Trikala,
  • 2 cases in P.E.. Halkidiki,
  • 2 cases in P.E.. Chania,
  • 3 cases in P.E.. Chios, which are associated with a known confluence.

The daily epidemiological surveillance report of infection by the new coronavirus:

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