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Coronavirus Disease: 53 cases in the South Aegean – 1670 cases in Attica, 398 in Thessaloniki – The distribution

The geographical distribution of coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours
In the “Deep red” Mykonos is for another day according to the data announced by EODY regarding the cases of coronavirus………

The coronavirus continues to spread in Greece, with EODY announcing new cases today, Wednesday 07 April.

From 3.445 cases found today throughout Greece ta 53 were located in the South Aegean Region, from them the 11 in the Cyclades. Specifically, in Mykonos were detected 2, in Thira 2, in Milos , in Naxos 5 and in P.E.. Kea – Kythnos 2.
They were recorded in the Dodecanese 42. particularly in Rhodes 15, in Kos 8 and in Kalymnos 19.

According to the data published by EODY, of the total 3445 outbreaks, the 1670 were recorded in Attica, the 398 in Thessaloniki, 114 were located in Achaia, while Crete as a whole reached 100.

More specifically, in Attica the cases are distributed as follows:

East Attica 206
Northern Sector of Athens 222
West Attica 115
Western Sector of Athens 210
Central Sector of Athens 431
Νήσων 16
Southern Sector of Athens 209
Piraeus 261

In total 33 regions record double-digit cases, the following:

Aitoloakarnania 16
Arcadia 29
Boeotia 51
Drama 10
Evros 21
Euboea 32
Ilia 41
Imathia 20
Heraklion 62
Janina 41
astride 43
Kalymnos 19
Karditsa 29
Kastoria 17
Corfu 10
Kilkis 41
Kozani 59
Corinth 37
Laconia 12
Larissa 85
Lesvos 11
Magnesia 43
Blonde 22
Pella 74
Pieria 31
Rethimno 19
Rodopi 21
Rhodes 15
Serres 56
Trikala 10
Fthiotida 23
Chalcidice 12
Chania 17

The distribution of coronavirus cases in detail

206 cases in the Prefecture of Eastern Attica
222 cases in the North Sector of Athens
210 cases in the Western Sector of Athens
115 cases in the Prefecture of West Attica
431 cases in the Central Sector of Athens
209 cases in the Southern Sector of Athens
261 cases in P.E.. Piraeus
16 cases in the Prefecture of the Islands
398 cases in P.E.. Thessaloniki
16 cases in P.E.. Aitoloakarnania
8 cases in P.E.. Argolida
29 cases in the Prefecture of Arcadia
3 cases in Arta Prefecture
114 cases in P.E.. Achaia
51 cases in P.E.. Viotia
7 cases in the Prefecture of Grevena
10 cases in the Prefecture of Drama
32 cases in P.E.. Evros
32 cases in P.E.. Evia
8 cases in P.E.. Haryana
9 cases in the prefecture of Zakynthos
41 cases in P.E.. Of Ilia
20 cases in the prefecture of Imathia
62 cases in the prefecture of Heraklion
5 cases in P.E.. I'll
5 cases in P.E.. Thesprotia
2 cases in P.E.. Thera
41 cases in P.E.. Ioannina
43 cases in the prefecture of Kavala
19 cases in the Prefecture of Kalymnos
29 cases in P.E.. Karditsa
17 cases in Kastoria Prefecture
2 cases in the Prefecture of Kea-Kythnos
10 cases in P.E.. Corfu
41 cases in the Prefecture of Kilkis
59 cases in Kozani Prefecture
37 cases in P.E.. Corinth
8 cases in P.E.. Kos
12 cases in P.E.. Laconia
85 cases in the Prefecture of Larissa
2 cases in Lassithi Prefecture
11 cases in P.E.. Lesbos
3 cases in Lefkada Prefecture
43 cases in P.E.. Magnesia
4 cases in P.E.. Messinia
2 cases in P.E.. Mykonos
5 cases in Naxos Prefecture
22 cases in P.E.. Xanthi
74 cases in P.E.. Pella
31 cases in P.E.. Pieria
19 cases in P.E.. Of Rethymno
21 cases in Rodopi Prefecture
15 cases in P.E.. Rhodes
1 case in P.E. Samos
56 cases in P.E.. Serres
10 cases in P.E.. Trikala
23 cases in P.E.. Fthiotida
6 cases in P.E.. Florina
3 cases in P.E.. Fokida
12 cases in P.E.. Halkidiki
17 cases in P.E.. Chania
6 cases in P.E.. Chios
122 cases under investigation

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