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Coronavirus disease – Measures : Masks in all enclosed spaces

Masks were announced everywhere by Nikos Hardalias, ban on festivals until the end of August, until 100 people at ceremonies and clubs banned from having standing customers……….
Mr.. Hardalias appeared with a mask and announced new stricter measures. "We are adjusting our strategy and after the developments we are ready to respond with various measures," he said.. Hardalias and added that all measures are taken with a view to ensuring public health.

The Civil Protection Deputy, after emphasizing that there are phenomena of relaxation of measures and phenomena of congestion and overcrowding announced the new measures of the government

    • The extraordinary measures announced by Nikos Hardalias are the following:
    • From 1/8 as 31/8 mandatory mask in all enclosed spaces including places of worship, except for dining areas and health areas where the mask is detrimental to patients' health
    • 1-15/8 Unconditional visits to nursing homes will not be allowed, structures of vulnerable groups, homeless refugees. It is not allowed to stay in the hospital escorts who show any symptoms of infection, while medical visitors are not allowed to visit the nursing teams.
    • The government also imposes an explicit ban on standing customers in all nightclubs with the possibility of converting uses into in-store outlets.
      Extension for the whole of August of the ban of the festivals
    • Extend the use of the mask to all enclosed spaces except dining areas
      From the 3/8 even 15/8 a limit is imposed 100 of people at wedding ceremonies, funerals etc.
    • Extension of the traffic restrictions of the residents in the Reception and Identification Centers and in the structures of all kinds of the country.
    • As it became known, by joint decision of the Ministers of Civil Protection, Health and Immigration and Asylum, extended until the 31 August 2020, measures to restrict the movement of residents in reception and identification centers and structures of any kind in the country, aiming, as mentioned in the relevant announcement, preventing the occurrence and spread of coronavirus cases.
    • From 1/8 there is a strong recommendation for mask use outdoors when distances are not possible.
    • Turkey-Albania-Northern Macedonia: Extended as 15/8 the suspension of flights

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