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Coronavirus Disease: What to do if we have symptoms of Coronavirus!! Detailed instructions!!

These steps should be followed by those who think they have coronavirus disease!!

Post outbreaks coronavirus to be over 2.500 and the country to have entered a catholic lockdown, The question that concerns many is what can we do if we get the virus……

So, according to experts, in case of the first symptoms similar to those of coronavirus, we contact our doctor and if he deems it we should contact him by phone PHEA in the 1135.

It is then judged if the patient has to stay in his house in quarantine for at least 14 days or needs hospitalization and must be transported to a reference hospital for him coronavirus.

In case we have come in contact with a positive case coronavirus without symptoms there is the possibility of molecular control, which must be carried out after 4 until 5 days after contact so that sufficient incubation time has elapsed for optimal result accuracy.

in any case, experts answer that, there is a chance that a patient will get sick but be asymptomatic. In this case, they say, must adhere to the hygiene rules set by the competent authorities.

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