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Coronavirus Education: HYPES Circular in the Municipalities for the cleanliness of the schools

To all the Municipalities of the Country, sent by the Minister of Interior P.. Theodorikakos, circular on the subject “Cleaning of school units during their operation for as long as there is a risk of COVID-19 corona spreading”……..

With this Circular he points out:

“As you know, The reopening of the school units in Chora is imminent, initially for the students of the 3rd Lyceum (11 May) and then for the students of the other classes of the Lyceum as well as for the students of the Gymnasium (18 May).

With the AP. 18659/17-3-2020. We have informed you in our circular that during the period of suspension of the operation of the school units, the cleaners of the school units are busy cleaning the services of the relevant Municipality or its NPDD..

It goes without saying that at the end of the suspension school cleaners return to their pre-eminent duties. indeed, in the context of the preparation of the halls and the common areas to welcome the students and the teaching staff, the cleaners of Gymnasiums and Lyceums it must to be presented for work in the relevant school units before the start their operation (B.C. 6 May), depending on the needs as they will be formed following the relevant instructions of the Ministry of Education and Religions.

also, in view of taking all necessary measures to safeguard the health of students and teachers and to prevent the spread of coronavirus COVID19, cleaning services should be provided throughout operation of schools. So, for cleaning buildings, in addition to high school and high school cleaners will be employed and primary school cleaners, which are not expected to be operational until June 1.

also recalled, that paragraph 2 of no. 10 of 11.3.2020 PNP , in which it is stipulated that during the period of suspension of the operation of legal entities or services of the Local Authorities A and B degree, due to measures to avoid and limit the spread of coronavirus, the staff their employed in another service of the same legal entity by decision of the relevant President or in another service of the relevant local government or other legal entity thereof, with decision, where appropriate, of the relevant Mayor or Regional Governor.

End, there is the possibility of primary local authorities to recruit employees with a fixed-term private law employment contract of maximum duration four months, in the context of dealing with emergencies due to coronavirus, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 of Article twenty-four of 14.3.2020 PNP (Α΄64).

In view of the reopening of school units, please like:

a) receive, according to the instructions from the Central Union of Greek Municipalities, antiseptic solutions which the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs sends per school, for the first phase of their reopening,

b) take care of him direct supply of the school units under your jurisdiction with the essential cleaning materials based on the Instructions of the National Public Health Organization. ”

The Circular no. 114 / 27408 / 5.5.2020

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