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Coronavirus-Heightened measures: When to move out of county to lockdown, the forms needed !!

Only with a certificate from the employer or a medical certificate will be released from Saturday (07/11) the workers, who have to move outside the prefecture, Nikos Hardalias clarified in the specification of the measures that will apply in the quarantine…..

For what reasons will travel within the country be allowed

Regarding travel within our country, the Undersecretary of State for Civil Protection and Crisis Management announced that Air travel will be allowed exclusively for:

    1. return to permanent residence,
    2. family reunification,
    3. business reasons and
    4. health.

Furthermore, explained, Travel between prefectures is not allowed except for the four reasons mentioned.

Write down, also, Whereas a return to the place of permanent residence requires a copy of the E1 tax return or a special purpose residence certificate, which is available on the website of AADE.

  • Moving out of the prefecture to go to the place of permanent residence, will be done only with a Special Use Residence Certificate received free of charge by AADE:

at the address here

**Caution!! The transition can be made only once, without the right of return!!

  • Specifically those who intend to move outside the prefecture, should know the movement will also be done cfor health reasons certified with relevant medical certificate.
  • All employees must demonstrate Work certificate at specific times. The form is completed electronically in the ERGANI system and printed before moving.
  • Self-employed and freelancers they must fill in the form themselves in the system ERGANI.
  • Transition divorced parents or parents which are necessary to ensure it communication between parents and children, according to the applicable provisions, certified by a written statement of the citizen.

The control for the determination of the violations and the imposition of the foreseen administrative sanctions is done by the Hellenic Police, the Municipal Police, the Port Authorities in their area of ​​responsibility and the National Transparency Authority.

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