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Coronavirus : The Celestyal Cruises suspends preventively all cruises up to May 1 2020

Coronavirus : The Celestyal Cruises temporarily suspends all cruises up to May 1 2020, as a precautionary measure due to unavoidable circumstances arise due to the constant expansion of COVID-19 and the directives and restrictions set by governments around the world, on the prohibition of travel movements……..

The Celestyal Cruises in its Communication notes the following: "We are all faced with an unprecedented, unpredictable and constantly changing situation, which has caused considerable upheaval in the tourist industry. as stated, recently, and the World Health Organization (WHERE), each profession and each individual must be involved in combating COVID-19 and Celestyal Cruises virus by following this advice and recommendations of professionals in the health and regulatory authorities around the world, act accordingly, to reduce the risk of medical quarantine or isolation for passengers and crew of.

in addition to, with the increasing number of ports to prohibit cm / disembarking passengers of specific nationalities carrying cruisers, closing major attractions and some countries impose restrictions on public meetings and visitors, a company that focuses on destinations, like Celestyal Cruises, it is impossible to offer, this period, experience that promises its passengers.

Hence, we took the difficult but responsible decision to temporarily suspend our cruises, force majeure, between 14 March and 30 April 2020. We plan to begin again our routes 1 May 2020 to cruise 4 nights "Aegean Images", the cruiser Olympia and Celestyal 2 May 2020 to cruise 7 nights "Exquisite Aegean", the cruise ship Crystal Celestyal, as was planned.

For those taxidiotesechoun pays for the cruise and have been affected by this temporary suspension, We offer the ability to choose whether to redeem for a future cruise (Future Cruise Credit) worth 120% the value of the original booking, either refund the total amount had been paid. Travelers will be able to redeem for a future cruise (Future Cruise Credit) until the end of December 2021, in any of our routes. For added flexibility, anyone who is not able to utilize redeem for a future cruise through space set, You will automatically receive a refund equal to the initial amount paid to Celestyal Cruises, after the expiry of.

To better serve travelers, the Celestyal Cruises will issue a credit that will cover the possibility of redemption for future cruise for those affected as above, and sent directly to travelers or their travel agent, or otherwise to be indicated. There is no need to contact our call center, where passengers will seize the opportunity to redeem a future cruise.

Departures route is canceled:

  • "3 Continents", 7 nights - 14, 21 and 28 Of March 2020
  • "Exquisite Aegean",7 nights - 4, 11, 18 and 25 April 2020
  • "Aegean Images" 3 and 4 nights - from 16 March to 30 April 2020

Since the launch of Celestyal Cruises for six years, based on a decades experience in the hospitality sector, Our first priority remains the well-being of passengers and our employees. Both our medium-sized cruise ships, appropriate to offer an authentic and highly personal experience, systematically providing passengers and our travel partners unforgettable, 'Awarded' cruise experience in our areas of operation. The principle of the company philosophy is based on the unique Greek heritage, combining excellent hospitality with the unique cultural destinations, offers authentic experiences both onboard and at destination.

In this difficult situation, the Celestyal Cruises will do,You can support their passengers, employees and partners and hopes that in turn will show those their support. When the situation returns to normality, the Celestyal Cruises is happy to welcome again its passengers on cruise ships.

For more information and reservations, you can call: United Kingdom 0800-411-8038 / North America 877-337-4665 / Europe +30-216-40-09-999 to visit the site www.celestyal.com ".

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