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Coronavirus : Closing tourist accommodation seasonal operation until end of April [GG]

Prohibitions due to the pandemic of coronavirus added and tourist accommodation

Temporary ban on the entire territory precaution public for the period from 15 March up 30 April 2020 The principal and non-principal tourist accommodation seasonal operation…….

Closing seasonal tourist accommodation with CMD published in the Gazette under the emergency restrictions on the coronavirus. See what the JMD defines as published in Government Gazette.

Closing and seasonal tourist accommodation until late April as decided by the government under the emergency restrictions on the coronavirus.

"Enforcement of the measure of temporary ban of operation of seasonal tourist accommodation 15.3.2020 until 04.30.2020 "

According to JMD published in the Official Gazette "temporary operating ban throughout the Territory, for preventive public health, for the period 15.3.2020 until 30.4.2020, main and non-main tourist accommodation seasonal operation.

As to those already operating in the publication of this tourist accommodation of the preceding paragraph, temporary operating ban comes into force on 23.3.2020 and lasts up 30.4.2020. This decision shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Athena, 14 March 2020 ".

The Gazette for tourist accommodation

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