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Coronavirus Measures – Gogos: New measures on the table!! No Festivals in August, scenarios for Changes in Coffee, Bar, Super Market!!

The possibility of further measures for the coronavirus remains open after the increase of cases observed during’ throughout July. For further measures that could be taken as well as the reason why the fullness of the ships was not increased, spoke among other things, Professor of Infectious Diseases Charalambos Gogos……


The fullness of the ships does not increase

About why the fullness for the ships remained at 65% και δεν αυξήθηκε ο ίδιος εξήγησε πως "Distance must be kept in the seats of ships because it is a long process, each voyage holds over 3 hours usually on the islands, therefore it has a long duration of exposure to an asymptomatic carrier. Of course so one seat is empty 50% minutes to comply with 65% you also take into account the other spaces that the capacity is over 70 – 80% and there is synchronicity again in the common halls there is a significant number of people coming in contact with each other therefore the 100% it can not happen. That's why we kept one 80% so that the average is around 60%. "

He added that:

"The mask especially when used well, holds over the 80% of transmission when used by all. Therefore, is very important for breaking the transmission but never precedes the space, της απόστασης δηλαδή ανάμεσα στους ανθρώπους».

Let's wait for other measures;

Επίσης ο κ. Γώγος ανέφερε πως τα περαιτέρω μέτρα που θα μπορούσαν να γίνουν είναι ο περιορισμός των ατόμων που θα μαζεύονται στους διάφορους χώρους πχ να μην υπάρχει η ελεύθερη προσέλευση στον αριθμό των ανθρώπων σε ένα σούπερ μάρκετ ή σε μπαρ ή καφετερίες κέντρα διασκέδασης κλπ. "Therefore if we see that the epidemic continues to have such increasing trends we will enter into such prohibition procedures attendance over eg from 50 or 100 people. Οι μάσκες είναι ένα είδος πρόληψης του lockdown δηλαδή σταματάνε την μετάδοση είναι σαν αυτό που κάνουμε όταν κλείνουμε κάτι».

Καμία ιχνηλάτηση δεν μπορεί να γίνει αν κάποιος είναι θετικός σε πάρτι

Alongside, he pointed out that "we have seen that some people got stuck in such parties and fortunately it happened in places that were in a controlled situation, ie in services, in factories. However, if we have cases of orphans like the ones we saw in Athens and Thessaloniki, the tracking will be done on people in their relatives.. Cannot be tracked in a beach bar. You understand , it's impossible. Γι αυτό λέμε ότι δεν πρέπει να γίνονται τέτοιες εκδηλώσεις και αν γίνονται εκδηλώσεις τύπου διασκέδασης να τηρούνται όσο γίνεται καλύτερα τα μέτρα».

Prohibition for festivals

Regarding the festivals, Mr.. Gogos noted that "we will probably not have festivals in August. This will be my suggestion and that of everyone, I think. The festival is very crowded. Συνήθως εκατοντάδες και εκεί έχουμε ζητήσει να τηρούνται τα μέτρα και παραβιάζονται» ενώ εξήγησε πως από τον καιρό που έχει συσταθεί η επιτροπή τα μέτρα, συστήνονται με βάση τους κοινωνικοικονομικούς παράγοντες και τα επιδημιολογικά δεδομένα που παρακολουθούνται συνεχώς.

Τι θα γίνει με τις εκκλησίες και γιατί εξαιρέθηκε η εκκλησία από την υποχρεωτική χρήση μάσκας

Regarding the churches, the professor underlined that "we are currently monitoring what will happen to the churches. The reason that the mask was not necessarily included, although the recommendation remains, is because we have one very good cooperation and there is a circular from the church that describes in more detail what will happen in the churches eg that there will be a person who will control wearing his mask and that a certain number will enter distances inside the church. So we have ensured that the distances in the church will be observed. If this does not happen and if the epidemic worsens, of course, the church will be in the same context simply because it is a guarded area, the measures can be observed.. Ενδεχομένως της Παναγίας να χρειαστεί μάσκα αλλά θα το δούμε ξανά το θέμα αυτό»

Increase in cases

Furthermore, Mr.. Gogos on the rise of cases said that "this is a time of youth and can not be limited, γι αυτό αυτοί οι νέοι είναι που έχουν την κοινωνική ευθύνη ώστε να συμμορφωθούν γιατί είναι αυτοί που μπορούν να διασπείρουν την νόσο» ενώ τόνισε πως «η ανάγκη της μάσκας έρχεται να καλύψει την αδυναμία τήρησης των αποστάσεων που είναι ο ιδανικός τρόπος προφύλαξης από τον κορωνοϊό».

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