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Coronavirus Pandemic: These are the Koronio protection measures in the lessons and the driving tests

Protection and hygiene measures will be taken from now on for lessons and driving tests, which are expected to begin,…….

provided of course “green light” from EODY, after lifting the restrictive measures to deal with the pandemic.

The measures provide for: the number of candidates in the halls to be reduced against 50%, while all without exception the attendees in the room (whether it's a lesson, either for examination) must wear gloves and masks.

The seats will have gaps between them, in order to maintain safety distances.

Both in the practical examination, as well as in the courses that are taken, Candidates and trainers will be equipped with personal hygiene measures (gloves, masks, antiseptics), while they will have open windows during the lesson.

The above protection measures were set at the 1st online meeting-briefing of driving schools and trainers organized by the Athens Chamber of Commerce for the next day of the examinations and the training of the candidate drivers after the end of the restrictive measures..

The governor of Attica participated in the teleconference, C. Patoulis, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport G.. Kefalogiannis, Undersecretary of Digital Governance, C. Zarifopoulos, the chairman of the chamber G.. Hadjitheodosiou and instructors, while the discussion was coordinated by A.’ vice president of the chamber N.. Gretzelos.

particularly, as mentioned in announcement of the Panhellenic Federation of Driving Instructors, when driving schools start operating, the following measures will be taken:

• Theoretical courses will be held within the Theoretical Training Centers for Candidate Drivers (ΚΕ.Θ.Ε.Υ.) with the physical presence of the trainees, adhering to all precautionary measures provided by the Ministry of Civil Protection (mask, gloves, antiseptics, etc.) and to 50% the strength of the center's capacity, that is, essentially doubling the square footage that the center needs to have per trainee.

• Theoretical examinations will be held in the examination rooms of the Transport Departments of the Regions, by reducing those examined in 50% their capacity and the use of all necessary measures.

• The practical lessons will be done with the educational vehicles of the driving schools with the observance and use of all the necessary safety measures., (masks, gloves, antiseptics).

• The practical examinations will be done in the same way, complying with all the necessary security measures.

As for the practical examinations for obtaining a two-wheeler driver's license, since these are done outdoors, there is no question of health care, not even in the first, nor in the second phase in which the candidate is followed by the instructor in another vehicle. Especially for theoretical education, The possibility of remote control is not currently being considered. However, if necessary, the situation will be reassessed.

In diploma renewals, Priority is given to the first period of operation of the services in categories C, D, and CE and then on driving licenses over 65 years.

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