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Coronavirus Pandemic-Lockdown: How many daily cases are we waiting to remove the lockdown

It will only last 3 weeks the lockdown; The Petsa statement that causes concern!! The dramatic report of cases today that are close to 3.000, creating a new negative record, did Stelios Petsas…..

The government spokesman, talking to Alpha, spoke about the cases that are now close to 3.000.

It may have been announced that the lockdown will last until 30/11 however, Stelios Petsas stressed that we should return “in a new type of regularity” cases should fall to 300-400 per day while today we almost had 3.000!

From the number of daily cases set by Stelios Petsas in order to remove the measures and he is from 300 as 400 Daily, number of September level cases.

If required low three digit number, 300-400 cases per day, to remove the lockdown, Mr.. Petsas answered “about’ this we quarantined, I believe we will reach such numbers”.

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