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Coronavirus Pandemic-Papathanasis: Which stores will be open from Monday - Rules and opening hours [Document]

The activities of the economic operators that start on Monday 11 May and their operating rules. The next stage of restarting the economy. Which stores will operate and by which rules……….

in 2 restart stages , that is, on May 4 and on Monday, May 11, they will have returned to work. 225.000 employees, namely 33% of workers whose work is suspended and will reopen 93.000 companies , namely 35% those whose operation had been suspended by state order, said the Undersecretary of Development, K. Nick Papathanassis.

According to Mr.. Papathanasis on Monday 11 May, in the second stage, ie the restart of the economy, return to work 155.962 employees, namely 22,5% employees who have been suspended due to non-functioning of their businesses. also, reopen 66.010 companies, namely 25% of the companies whose operation was suspended, said the Deputy Minister of Development, K. Nick Papathanassis.

Specifically, from their physical stores start retail businesses with object:

– audio and video equipment
– textiles
– of iron, colors and glass
– carpets, rugs and floor and wall coverings
– electrical home appliances
– furniture, luminaires and other household items
– music and image recordings
– toys of all kinds
– clothing
– footwear and leather goods
– cosmetics and cosmetics
– watches and jewelry
– new items
– and second-hand items

also, The following companies will resume operations from their physical stores :
– rental and leasing of leisure and sporting goods
– rental of videocassettes and records
– renting and renting other types of personal or household use, and
– as well as stores operating under "store-to-store" cooperation agreements (shop in a shop)

On the same date, the companies reopen the retail business on open-air stalls and textile markets., clothing and footwear as well as other items.

End, reopen :

– amateur driving schools
– businesses dealing with gambling and betting in a physical store,
– as well as diet services.

The press release of the Ministry of Development and Investment states all the Code activity numbers, ie the KAD that correspond to the companies mentioned above..

All economic operators reopen with specific operating rules as follows:

For Retail businesses the maximum number of people allowed (employees and customers ) within the main space is calculated as follows:

For stores mainly on the surface

  • Up to 20sqm: 4 people
  • From 20-100 sqm: 4 people + 1 person per 10sqm
  • Over 100sqm: 12 people + 1 person per 15sqm
  • also, in case the store area exceeds 300sqm and develops at more than one level and the level criterion applies, that is, up to 1 person per 10sqm per floor.

• The opening hours of the stores are set at 10 am, except for the shops selling paints and other industrial items that are allowed to operate by 7:00 a.m.
• The mandatory distance is valid 1,5 measure between individuals.
• There is a strong recommendation for the use of a protective mask by staff and customers.
• And it is recommended not to use elevators. In case of need of use, the permissible fullness limit is 40%. If there are escalators, The elevator can only be used by people with disabilities, seniors and for the supply of the store.

For gambling and betting shops

• As for the rule of permitted persons within the main area of ​​the shops, the same conditions apply as for retail trade.,
• They are only allowed to operate without seated customers.
• And there is a strong recommendation for the use of a protective mask by staff and customers.

For Driving Schools

• The presence of customers is allowed only by appointment with the obligation to keep a list of customers that will be displayed in the audit bodies and

• The use of a protective mask is mandatory for both the instructor and the trainee.

For outdoor industrial stalls and markets

• Minimum distance 5 meters between vendor counters.
• Maximum percentage of participation in popular markets up to 50% of the original participants.
• Possibility to participate with the same percentage 50% in the parallel popular markets created to avoid overcrowding.
• And minimum distance 1,5 measures between individuals.

In each case, The special importance of hand hygiene is self-evident.

The competent control bodies for the application of the operating rules are:

  • The General Secretariat for Trade and Consumer Protection
    The Greek Police
    The Municipal Police
    Port Authority
    The Health Services of the first and second degree local authorities
    The Labor Inspectorate, and
    The National Transparency Authority.

According to the Deputy Minister of Development, the restart of the economy is done with very careful and well-thought-out steps..

"Every day we win a battle and as much as we discipline, as long as we faithfully follow the instructions, the faster our economy will be able to accelerate again. We have succeeded so far, let's continue by always putting the ego behind and us ahead "concluded Mr.. Papathanasis.

Attached are the slides of the presentation

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