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Coronavirus Pandemic: Tsipras in preventive quarantine - His son was found positive, Orpheus

The president of SYRIZA is negative about the coronavirus, Betty Baziana and their other son. What advice did he get about his vaccination?………

The son of the president of SYRIZA showed slight symptoms, Orpheus, hence the whole family of four underwent a test.

In the end, only little Orpheus was diagnosed with coronavirus, while Alexis Tsipras, Betty Baziana and their other son, Phivos, found negative.

The father-in-law was announced by Alexis Tsipras himself through his social media account.

As he stated, "according to the doctors' instructions, although I have done both doses of the vaccine, not enough time has passed yet to have complete immunity and in any case I have to stay proactive for a famous at home, in order to exclude any possibility of further transmission ".

He appeared confident that "everything will go well".

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