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Coronavirus Pandemic – You're right: The market can not be left open with these images

Infectious disease specialist Nikos Sypsas expressed his concern about the crowding images presented after the opening of the market, speaking to MEGA, stressing that immediate action should be taken to reduce mobility……….

He spoke on the show Mega Hour Mega on Monday morning (25/1) Infectious Diseases Professor Nikos Sypsas expressing his concern about the crowded images that occurred after the opening of the market, while at the same time he stressed that immediate measures should be taken to reduce mobility.

Nikos Sypsas requests the intervention of the committee after the crowded images in stores in Athens and Thessaloniki, on the weekend when the shops were open, and while coronavirus cases in the country remain high. And this despite the fact that most of them wore masks, but the distances in several cases were not observed.

The first weekend with open stores after more than two months of lockdown, the lure of discounts made many go shopping, of course by moving sending code 2 sms at 13033, which was valid for 2 hours..From his side Nikos Sypsas is categorical: "We are playing with fire. I do not know if with these images the market can continue to be open. The epidemic continues unabated ", notes and recalls that such images "we saw at Christmas at Harrod's and see now where London is. The images of Ermos do not show us distances but crowds ".

Nikos Sypsas even judges that "the committee should address the issue. "I do not think it should be left inactive," he said, adding that "I want to see the impact of these situations on the epidemic.": "The epidemic is still bad, while the mutation has come which is transmitted rapidly. It is extremely dangerous for the market to remain open if these images continue. ". He left open the possibility for an immediate suggestion by the infectious disease committee to close the market..

According to the professor of Infectious Diseases of EKPA, there is an increase in mobility, which this week will be even bigger and that means that "All these people return home and the dispersal takes place within the family", as he notes in his statements to Mega. With these data, Nikos Sypsas leaves open the possibility "There should be intermediate measures. The situation cannot remain like this, if we do not do something with these images we will have a problem ".

Regarding the mutations of the coronavirus, Mr.. Sypsas stated that these are associated with increased transmissibility and possibly increased mortality, while at present it does not appear to be affected by the vaccine.

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