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Coronavirus Pandemic – Help at home: Version notice Municipalities posts to provide services!! [Extremely urgent document]

Ministry of Interior 21733/6-4-20: Version notice Municipalities posts to provide services “Help at home”, with closing deadline Table of the place is Thursday, 9-4-2020 and time 23:00…….

In detail, the Document of the Ministry requested from the following municipalities:

In view of the notice of issue for filling with priority two thousand nine hundred and nine (2.909) Staffing permanent staff branches and specialties of university classes, technology, Secondary and Compulsory Education in municipalities, in Articles 18 of Law. 2190/1994 and 91 of Law. 4583/2018, as applicable, we inform you that the special web site of the Ministry Staff (https://aftodioikisi.ypes.gr/prosopiko_ΤΑ/), the path intended for the abstraction file (https://aftodioikisi.ypes.gr/prosopiko_TA/downloads/) / subfolder: "HELP AT HOME", He has posted an excerpt from the draft invitation and please check the tables (only those records - fields concerning your vehicle) and confirm, under the below mentioned instructions, The following :

a) The existence of vacant positions in relation to the number of advertised positions. Note that, the present draft notice, They do not include additional posts were set up and will be covered by social groups protected by the Article 3 of Law. 2643/1998.

b) The identification of verbal designation of branches / specialties advertised, to that described in Internal Service Organization in your municipality.

c) The qualifications set for advertised positions and generally required (where appropriate, qualifications, postgraduate degrees, knowledge H / Y, practice licenses, Car driving licenses etc.).

To confirm the above, posted the aforementioned subfolder "HELP AT HOME", tables for each participating organization (xls format files) called BOHTHEIA_X (wherein X The 12-digit carrier code).

In each file reflect the records of the tables in the attached draft notice corresponding to the carrier (columns 1-10), and the columns are called to complete, tbc critical data.

table, once completed each Entity, You should be posted by name BOHTHEIA_(ie eliminating the name of the file tapped the 12-digit code) and in the same format (ie. xls format file or ods) the special website of the Ministry of Interior.

Closing date Table of the place is Thursday, 9-4-2020 and time 23:00. Note that with the expiry of that period, The website will be unavailable to post files on this subject. (…)

In view of the above, Please for your direct actions, within the time limit set for, to allow the issuance of the Notice as soon as possible

the number. 21733/6.4.2020 Document of the Ministry of Interior

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