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Coronavirus-Rental Property: Which owners will receive double compensation in April

Under the conditions under which property owners will receive double compensation in April, Finance Minister Christos Staikouras reported for both February and March, announcing today the new support measures……….

As the minister said, the payment of double compensation to property owners within the second ten days of April will be made subject to conditions.

particularly, for March, and for leases that have been concluded until 31/1/2021, An advance on compensation will be made based on the February COVID declaration, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • Leases to appear active in the Information Declaration system
  • Lease Details of AADE. The lessor-legal entity must not have declared cessation of operations in AADE.
  • The lessee-company has not declared a work stoppage to AADE.
  • The employee-employee to be suspended from employment for March.
  • To have been submitted, for these leases, COVID statement in February.
  • Meet the other legal requirements.

According to the minister, to safeguard the public interest, A framework will be established for the return to the State of unduly compensated compensation.

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